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  • humjya humjya Jul 25, 2007 6:50 PM Flag

    employee morale

    thanks for your insights... i have a good friend who is interviewing with them and was not sure about working for them. do you think they will have layoffs? or will it be ok.

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    • You've got to be kidding. These two posters have addys set up in the past week. Are we really to believe that they are not the same person? Is the first bozo online all the time waiting for bozo two to respond? Go to bed and don't take this to the next step.

    • I friend of mine went to work for Acxiom in the past year. One thing he thought was a little weird was that when the recruiter made the offer, he strongly urged my friend not only to reject any counter-offer that his then-current employer might offer, but to say, when he resigned, that he didn't want one.

      The theory is that if an employer wanted to keep an employee happy, it would offer a raise, promotion, or added responsibilities without an employee resorting to a job search.

      I've never heard of a company making a job offer to try and discourage the job seeker from listening to a counter offer.

      My friend also told me that several people had left his group recently, and each one of them was asked by his or her superior what it would take to get them to stay.

      In other words, Acxiom was willing to make a counter offer to get people to stay. I've seen very small businesses try to get employees to stay, but never a publicly-traded company.

      When I read the last annual report, this made some sense. Acxiom said one of its biggest challenges is to hire and retain qualified employees.

      I gather that Acxiom must be having trouble filling open positions and keeping employees from leaving, so it's employing some unusual tactics.

      You might want to let your friend know about this. Also, remind him that he needs to ask how Acxiom intends to handle 401(k) matches after it goes private, since matches in contributions are currently with Acxiom stock.

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