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  • marketplacevoyeur marketplacevoyeur Apr 6, 2011 10:03 PM Flag

    Layoffs began today

    Local news reports only 45 cut, but that's such a paltry number, why the corporate press release? What's even more baffling is that the story goes on to spin the situation that there are still 300 open jobs right now. If Acxiom truly cared about anyone, why aren't there only 255 open jobs now?

    Better yet, why aren't there at least 200 middle mgrs being cut? That's where the useless fluffy layers of fat are.


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    • This is Acxiom's normal turnover phase which happened less frequently under Meyer. Generally, rather than firing employees for whatever due cause, they are put on the list for the next "layoff" round which is basically an HR cleanup. This practice benefits those let go by additional time at the company (until the layoff day) and for future references needed. It's much better to tell a prospective employer you were laid off than fired.

      The open positions are based on need, a need that those let go would not be suited to fill.

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      • Actually, employees have been let go based upon how much they earn, even under Meyer, without regard for experience, expertise or contribution. The idea is to reduce expenses while minimizing the reduction in staffing numbers. That is why the company is now so devoid of experienced people they can barely implement new business. In the last analyst call, Meyer described it has being so flush with new accounts that they were challenged to get them all up and in service. The real truth is that few, if any, remaining staffers actually understand the business and its applications well enough to get the job done.

        Ironically, competitors of Acxiom have absorbed previously discarded Acxiom employees and used their experience and expertise to become equals or have even gone ahead of Acxiom in the Forrester rankings for database providers. This business is not about cheap labor running canned software, as Meyer seemed to believe.

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