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  • shulman_knows shulman_knows Sep 9, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

    Classic Pump and dump

    Developing over here. Some Chinese insiders are going to make a lot of money while clueless US shareholders will be left holding a bag.
    Happens again and again.

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    • Same thing over and over again.

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    • Check out the action at LLEN. Gure is no different that any other Chinese reverse listing.

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    • Let me explain:
      There is no valid reason for any viable Chinese business to get listed in USA or somewhere else abroad. If the business is indeed viable there are many private investors and bankers in China who would be very happy to invest or lend the money to the company.
      The only reason a small or mid tier company would get listed on US exchange is to suck the money out of suckers.
      I am not saying anything is wrong with GURE right now. Obviously the company is run by smart people and they have books, accounting and everything legit right now. But there must be a plan on how the management and the "real" owners will get all the assets transferred to them some time in the future.

      It happens again and again: LPH is good recent example.

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      • I sold my Gure stock long time ago.
        Bobby: Chinese business man think differently than western momentum traders. They don't care what the stock price today or tomorrow. They want the business itself and they want it in their family. There is no way they will let round eye suckers to own anything.

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      • Remember that the company owns share of the USA stock on the US exchange and management always gets those shares at a low price so they are happy when the price increases on the US exchange. most China stocks have been extremely depressed because of concerns of the china and asia economies. Now that these economies appear to be strengthening many of them are seeing their stock prices increase. GURE has strong financials with a very low PE ratio. There is more upside in shares of GURE. In addition with the strengthening China economy the price of bromine and other chemicals will increase.

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