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  • mjohns07 mjohns07 Aug 15, 2005 6:30 PM Flag

    Message Board is Waste of Time

    This message board is a waste of time.
    Isn't there anything else to talk about?

    What about the box office take from last weekend?

    Thank you,

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    • Well I have heard that Movieco is putting day care in all of their theatres. WOW if Regal would try something like that I would be at the movies alot more.

    • I must admit that I am an infrequent theatre goer. I may go three a year and then only to films the kids want to see. My picks usually get postponed to the DVD release. The kids go a few times more, but only with their friends. My local multiplex has a video arcade--maybe if they put in a Starbucks it would draw the older demographic. We need a gimmick. Where is William Castle when you need him?

    • hit me with the truth on that one. I have not been nearly as much as last year. But I will say that the summer films had alot less interest to me than they did last year. But I didn't go to more than six last winter and this winter's films do appeal to me more. Especially the two musicals adampted to film (Rent and The Producers) but I am a musical lover. You have made a good point about just less fequency of trips, but the other guy has a valid point about lack of movies that people want to see. But good reviews and friends telling me 40 Year Old Virgin is pretty funny will have me there this weekend.

    • How many times have you been to a movie this year as compared to last year?

    • Hear hear...we are done with the scam artists.

      I think there are some strong films...but last year comps seem hard to beat. But last year was not that strong so there needs to be a real breakout film. I think the recent rise in the stock has alot to do with the films coming out and their legs.

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      • bigdummie:

        Now that your pompous rantings about a "scam" have been stuffed(I am sure that folks reading here have gone to the website and read the Press Release that involves the world's largest printer,ten Studios etc.) and you have fully acquiesced,I will not let you off the hook:

        Once again you have made an eror: It is not hear...hear.

        Now to the subject of intelligent comments about stocks.

        Spike demand. Supply is already there. Spike demand.

        If Exhibitors are to recover from the current slump,they simply need to put more seats in the seats.

        How? Create more demand by positive Marketing. I can not remember any Exhibitor using traditional media to spike demand for Movies. Studios,Yes. Exhibitors,No.

        Lets deliver ways that Regal and the others can save the faltering industry by putting more seats in the seats by making suggestions on this site.

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