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  • schminky5 schminky5 Sep 16, 2002 4:36 PM Flag

    You people are sick...

    EVERYONE knows Bill Stone is a devout homosexual, as is Steve Kremidas. No big deal there. They are losing money & looking to sell for the obvious - no direction & no gain internally. You can't pick on people because they're gay!

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    • Yes sick very sick earnings have come out and there is no new revenue from sales just outsourcing and we all know that they are closing the Weschester office (not a convenient place for you know who to meet) Where is Tony who ran things for Bill? Is Maggie still there?

    • Not as sick as Billy Boy

      1. He enables the shortest man in America an empoweres in (sort of), taking advantage of some Napoleonics psycholygy that he learned despite the beer haze in Collge

      2. Paul Orme -- how much did the man cost Bill? And he was so terrible that the automatic light sensors even turned the lights off on him.

      2. Mike Morini -- Bill's best salesman that he haunted at night with naughty calls. Did the chairman want to sleep with the football stud?

      3. Steve Rooney. Did someone call his wife a nigger, but he still went on to make millions with Stoner

      4. Fire the only guy who sold -- Stan

      5. Get rid of the man that started and ran the Tokyo operation -- do you think that anything will happen with Deutsche Bank now?

      6. Rich Lawrence. Pay him 100 grand for 2 years and he still turns down Camera at CIGNA

      7. Fire the salesman whose kids were suffering from CF, even if he sold more than anyone else

      8. What ever happened with Stoner?

      9. Tony move him upstairs and pay him a fortune to shut up

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