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  • mcannaly Apr 1, 2013 5:18 PM Flag



    ITS got AWAY TO GO TO ITS 74$ levell ONE MONTH AGO before that SPO #$%$ at 63$ share. Lets see what else this can do before i buy ant more cause i am not impressed as i get this feeling that big profits from the IPO of CRVV of CVI , NTFX etc are being siphoned off into a private mgnt. co. of Icahns associates. This is common of all MLPs like CVRR from refinery co.MRI.. There is actually no info i can find anywhere on the net that says what IEP owns so i wonder about these NAV value posts of 67$ i read. Just where is the link that states this NAV value of 67$ and judging from ETFs like XLF etc that have made me money i generally put very little value on NAV values but more on EPS values as well as P/e and price over book value.When people start quoting NAV values i start thinking company pumper or misinformed buyer cause the NAV value has caused many a mREIT buyer to buy depreciating units of an IPO m REIT from year one.THen add dividend cuts and SPO s that dilute share value and you might as well have invested your cash in an annuity with AIG insurance etc, JMHO

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