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  • dinepat203 dinepat203 Feb 25, 2012 11:29 PM Flag

    APPROVAL MEAN 2-3$ Billion Price Tag TEVA or Hospira

    Both carry the Vincrestine sulphate the fundamental USFDA approved drug for Lukemia. ALL. Most likely they would not miss this opportunity to acquire TLON cheap and that to MARQUIBO will replace this multibillon $$ market already existing.

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    • r.oconner Feb 27, 2012 12:38 PM Flag

      dine,if the liposome technology is successful in ALL, I don't think Warburg would want to let the company go now, they got involved see the application of liposomes throughout other categories of drugs.

    • Teva and Hospira I am sure are watching the Marqibo story closely.
      Marqibo,if continued proof of safety and efficacy exists,would make this a perfect buyout play for the 2 companies you refer to.
      They would be able to charge a premium price for Marqibo way above current generic prices if contnued proof it is a better product.
      And what Big Pharma doesnt want to increase their profits?
      Vincristine is not a new drug to the Pharma World.Marqibo just enhances the therapeutic qualities of this existing drug.

    • Generic Vincrestine market alone is 3Billion annually according to IMS and 2nd relapse Adult ALL around 100 million annually. Once Vincrestine is approved in liposomal delivery form,it is most likely that VLSI can be extended for other indicative treatments sooner rather than later. As such there is nothing at this moment replacing Vincrestine.

    • Dine, Is your expectation for Marqibo alone? How or what do you think a TLON valuation might be for Menadione?