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  • vkstudti vkstudti Aug 8, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

    Thoughts from a normal investor

    Let's start with some simple things...

    1. I am long, meaning I will hold at least through the decision and sell some as we rocket up, hold some for long...
    2. I am a regular investor, not a MM or short or basher or pumper etc..
    3. Very scared with a track record of down more than up...

    It doesn't bode well that we are down so much from the 1.50s when the SA article came out. I also believe that approval is NOT a guaranteed thing however we do have the ADCOM plus. We should see a spike if approved, hopefully to $2 in my opinion. with 140M outstanding shares, the market cap is only $280M on a possible $100M earning potential drug. Am I missing something? Why is this stock so low? Shouldn't we have run up a little based on optimism of an approval? Something surely stinks and I can see this hitting .50s as my record would say it would however to recoup losses, sometimes you have to bet big and take the house for all its worth.

    Does anyone feel that we are grossly underestimated in regards to share price or is this the reason I am losing so much money? And just for the record, I believe RT is a genuine investor as has been saying the same stuff for close to a year, nobody does that who is short? it doesnt make sense...

    anywho, all the best to longs, here is to $2?!?!?

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