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  • vector.carl vector.carl Oct 25, 2007 10:01 PM Flag

    About the next "merger of equals"

    Two questions for all who enjoy speculation.

    1. If Regions were to get bought in 2008, name 1 or 2 potential buyers.

    2. If Regions were to buy another bank in 2008, name 1 or 2 potential sellers.

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    • Buyers
      1) Bank of America
      2) BB&T

      1) FDIC
      2) Nothing worth mentioning

    • Bank of Montreal may buy RF or CNB to compete with RBC.

    • 1) Wells Fargo and RBC

      2) Indy Mac or any bank with less than 5 branches. Just to show they can.

    • Wow,

      I never known of a female who had balls( Hillary though would come to mind) But maybe you have just one?

    • heard BRYANT BANK might be eyeballing them.

    • This could be the next big event to bring down bank stock even from were it it today.

      The $915B bomb in consumers' wallets (Credit Card Debt)

      This past summer's subprime meltdown involved about $900 billion in now-suspect securitized debt, reckless lending, and consumers who buckled under the weight of loans they couldn't afford. Now another link in the consumer debt chain - credit cards - is starting to show signs of strain. And the fear that the $915 billion in U.S. credit card debt (an uncannily similar figure) may blow up has major financial institutions like Citigroup, American Express, and Bank of America strapping on their Kevlar vests.

      Last month, as banks reported their worst quarterly results since 2001, concerns about rising credit card delinquencies began to make their way onto earnings announcements alongside mentions of subprime woes.

      First Citigroup (Charts, Fortune 500), reporting a 57% decline in earnings, cited higher consumer credit costs and said it would put aside $2.24 billion in loan-loss reserves to cover future defaults.

      In describing the situation to analysts, CFO Gary Crittenden said Citi's credit card holders were beginning to increase the balance on their cards or take cash advances on those cards for the first time - behavior that, in his experience (which includes seven years as CFO of American Express), can translate into future trouble. Citi said the change in loan losses was "inherent in the portfolio but not yet visible in delinquencies."

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    • and here's the post again...since your rating it average...log in and out some more and re-rate it.....You and Buford have your hands full with me............I can be a full time job.

      I you can't defend what I was challenging, then you shouldn't have replied to me. " sure can't. AND what was your first clue? The fact you cant state it correctly? Read the last post to me as well. Your lucky you got as much of a reply as you did.

      THE object of that freaking STATEMENT is their "OPERATIONS". However, that is not my post. Your reaching. My reply to that post was the overlap has been discussed and that RBC was a candidate. I I I I I I never said that there would be overlap in branches or deposits. IF you want to nail me to a wall....buddy, you best start getting up a lot earlier.

      Next time for the slow here...I won't imply that you know what I am saying. I will restate exactly what I mean. Most people I am quite sure understood what I said. I am so sorry your so slow.

      IS THAT STRAIGHT ENOUGH for you? Talk about an insignificant LIFE you moron.

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    • The last time I posted on this board Portlond followed with five posts all exclaiming that I was everyone from a guy named chuck to Hillary Clinton. LOL

      How telling that you are eumlating Portlond.

      I am NOT the individual that you have been having a silly "cat fight" with. But he/she is correct.

    • You know I did some research last night when that other identity of yours tried to turn my words. However, I actually today see no advantage of a BBT merger. I think it would be stupid at best. It would def not add to the attractiveness of Regions. I think they should just by pass it. Forget the couple of states to the North it would bring and go for WFC. After all out west is where we should be thinking of going. A merger with BBT would pale to what a WFC would offer. That is in terms of state representation and status.

      After all...... I have just about had all the MOE's and combined management I can handle. I hope we are bought out straight to heart of this company. The only thing a BBT merger would present to RF is another power struggle at best.

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