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  • defofzion defofzion Oct 2, 2010 3:49 PM Flag

    Dutch coalition embraces Wilders

    Hey Proph: Thanks for posting this article....I went to a live GERT WILDERS speech a year and a half ago in a Jewish Temple near BOSTON, MASS> Gert simply blew us away....He speaks in a barely audible soft voice but the things he says send chills up your spine...He is defiunitely a modern day PATRICK HENRY...He travels AMERICA telling about the dangers of ISLAM...He was not allowed in his own country for fear of death...You can tell he has made up his mind to DEFY the ODDS> He is a man of immense intestinal fortitude....The annointing was powerful at the event and as soon as he began speaking, the tears rolled down side of my face,,, He continually refers to his beloved Israel and uses them as an example of how we must resist Islam, which is not a religion in any way form or shape..It is a disdirected ideology which is totally devoid of any god except man....They beat their women to shreds and laugh about it..They breathe out murder against anyone who does not approve of them...We better smarten up here or else...The best thing you can do with Islam is to speak up instead of shut up...ALL it takes for evil to triumph is for a few good men to say nothing.... We are at seveer disadvantgage here in U>S> because the liberals side with them before they will side with us????Figure that one out??the enemy of my enemy is my friend mentality....

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    • Dean
      I have never seen him in person, but I have seen him on tv. Hi is right on. I knew you would want to see this article.

      "The best thing you can do with Islam is to speak up instead of shut up"

      I like the saying from the song, "you have to stand for something, or youll fall for anything".

      Or how about, (I wondered why somebody didnt do something, then I realized that I am somebody).

      I made a sign on wood with that saying when I was a kid, and it hangs in my room to this day. Good words to live by.

      Onward Christian Soldier!!

      Laus Deo!!!!!!!

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      • PROPH: He has to be one of the greatest men I have ever listened to..Right up there with a RONALD REAGAN..Where I went in BOSTON, there were Boston POLICE inside the TEMPLE fully uniformed and as soon as Gert appeared they locked all the doors so nobody else could get in....He had 4 men very close to him that looked like James Bond types and their eyes were constantly roaming the audience.. If you made one move you knew the UZZIES would come out of their jackets.. You could hear a pin drop for 45 minutes...After he finished speaking and departed they watched out the windows till his motorcade drove away and only then did they unlock the doors....He is such an innocent looking man--THIS MAN represents a huge THREAT to those who would muzzle our freedoms in this land of LIBERTY...SPEAK out and say NO MOSQUE in NYC>>>EVER....When Gert WSilders speaks E>F HUTTON listens, that is if they are still in bidness....

      • That is our battle cry PROPH..Most people already feel this way but are tempted to be politically correct and say sweet little things to get along.....This unfortunatly, is a war that has been smoldering for centuries... They fight down and dirty.. It is obvious the WEST has the best..Lets not give it up by going EAST as in ISlam...Damned if I am gonna wear a black sheet on my wife...also as for me and my family GIVE ME LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH....Those are pretty words that many USA soldiers are having to prove every day..Lets not allow their efforts to be trampled upon...SPEAK UP while you still have the FREEDOM to do so...We have a plaque in our home which reads:::HOME OF THE FREE because of the BRAVE.....GO TEA PARTY and VOTE on NOV 2

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