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  • julian_assange julian_assange Oct 3, 2010 12:00 PM Flag

    doggyrear on Bernadotte, yahoo censorship

    Talk about revisionist history!

    doggyrear must refer specifically to ashkenazi, not those of the j''wish faith in general. In that case doggyrear's revisionist demagoguery makes total sense.

    After Germany's surrender, the White Buses mission continued in May and June to save approximately 10,000 additional people.

    In total, around 31,000 people were taken to safety in the "White Buses" of the Bernadotte expedition,[2] including between 6,500 and 11,000 J''ws.[7][8][9]

    Bernadotte recounted the White Buses mission in his book "The End. My Humanitarian Negotiations in Germany in 1945 and Their Political Consequences," published in Swedish. In the book, Bernadotte recounts his negotiations and his experience at the Ravensbruck camp.

    The above does not translate to hatred for Ashkenazim.

    doggyrear's revisionist history on Bernadotte no doubt refers to the green line borders which Bernadotte negotiated, and which Isreal was expected to honor - and has not done so since 1967, in spite of 65 UN resolutions ordering them to do so. Look at what is happening in Har Homa today, it is an absolute disgrace based on the religious right wing dogma of 'might makes right'.

    For people who accept the shofar as their national symbol instead of the flag of the Republic, and who believe that the Stuxnet virus was an act of G*d, while spitting on the text of the UNDHR, that is perfectly consistent. It is also no surprise that doggyrear's people are opposed ideologically everywhere except in the former United States and Isreal itself.


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    • Not really (as far as the USA is concerned), in 2005, the USA under George Bush built a large number of warehouses to house people in Israel in internment camp housing. Maybe they are for displaced Arabs, maybe they are for displaced Samaria Jws, we could argue, but I think the causual observer might mention, they are most likely for locking up human beings and treating them like unwanted garbage, in a repeat of the British solution. As for "YAHOO" censorship, poooof, gone, I'm sure the British internment camps for Jws are most likley off limits, I mean the Germans during WWII were e vil but the Britts and other Europeans were the good guys, right?

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