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  • defofzion defofzion Apr 1, 2013 7:50 PM Flag

    AMERICA dissolving before our very eyes..JACKSON said we would be overun by our enemies and...

    WOW was he ever right..LOOK at what is going on with he big drug cartels in COLORADO and New MEXICO..They are knocking down prsion wardens, DEE AYS and anyone gets in their way..DRUG cartels are far more powerful tahn A BOMBS..Of course BARMER say nuttin..BARMA is a bigger enemy than drug cartels because he is self serving..NEXT is IRAN, KOREA and CHINER for enemies..Mean while our borders stay wide open for drfug men to move their cargoes across and gain more leverage than ever before..WHY were drugs legalized in two states????WHY????This will add big time to the problem..USA will be overrun by enemies as it is right now..BEFORE soon many states will not be able to be lived in by law abiding citizens..This is what we gt for giving GODthemiddl finger..IS there any hope for USA now??STrictly my personal feeling is no hope whatsoever..nly the rapture will gbet us out of DODGE before the gunmen arriveon our doorstep..DARK freeking days ahead ..CHRISTIANS know how to hide in the cleft of the rock..I can run and I can hie where the speed punks will never find me..

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