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  • mturner_71 mturner_71 Jun 4, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    Thoughts on Zion Oil and Gas

    Previous funded-via-credit attempts at drilling have yielded nothing beyond evidence of oil. In how many years, we have awaited media releases and read thru corporate releases (Letters from Bob) to "sound" promising,,however... nothing..
    Credit will run out, as well as Isreali trust that ZN is a competent/funded/structured/robust enough company to be drilling/testing/attempting to pursue something of such important national interest.
    Now we are awaiting the reapplication for rights to drill, as well and more importantly Isreali approval (again), with more percentages being required from profits, of which so far there have been none.

    I was thoughtful of the Biblical reference to prophecy regarding Isreal. We are not however, privvy to knowing WHEN, or WHAT certain words are truly intented to mean, having been translated from Hebrew.

    For me it was a 300.00 investment at around 2 bucks a while back. Play money, because it caught my interest. Then it had a run up to over 7, and now flailing on the floor at a buck-fitty.
    Going to the website, and seeing a team of ALL of four or five people in the company really shed a light on the small nature of the business, yet the final dagger to my spine was incorporating in Delaware. Delaware is the central hub of where credit companies and issuers cook their books and hide their margins due to Delaware's crooked financial laws. Theres a "reason" the #$%$ of the earth of multinational lenders and banks incorporate in Delaware, and for ZN to set up corporate zoning there gave me cause to truly doubt.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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