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  • j555 j555 Dec 28, 1998 8:41 PM Flag

    Offshore Rig Contract Losses & Wins

    There is a good review of the recent contract losses and wins for Diamond Offshore at under Will's Oil Service Commentary. Hope this helps.

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    • let us see.

    • Positive Waves
      by: motokev (50/M/utah,)

      4651 of 4651
      hey, i like a guy who sends out
      positive waves !!!. We need more people
      like that. I
      really don't understand why people would be so
      towards oil services. I've seen so many sectors
      over the yrs. get hit because
      of some negative
      news, but rebound BIG!!. For example, back in 1991
      believe, FORD and other auto manufacturers were
      getting the same type of
      bad news that oil services
      are getting. People were wondering, oh no !!!
      will survive ?!!! who won't ?!!!. Well, I saw FORD
      stock plumit from
      $55 to $18/share, quickly !!!.
      Within a yr. !!!!, FORD was back to $55
      !!!!. So,
      maybe for the short term investor, oil isn't the place
      to be. But!!!!,
      the long term investor (the most
      successful) knows oil will rebound BIG.
      Think about it
      PEOPLE !!!!!, lets say that oil takes 2 yrs or so to
      BIG !!!! like FLC goes up to $35 or GLM goes 40
      or......... and you buy a
      bunch of FLC today at $7.00
      your return will most likely beat any short
      play. I have found over the yrs. short term is not
      worth the stress.
      trying to play day to day or
      month to month is no different than going to
      thus, I recommend buying FLC and just forget about it.


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