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  • gedeyon gedeyon Mar 25, 1999 3:11 AM Flag


    In the french newspaper Les Echos this morning

    -French based Infogrammes is buying UK based Gremlin for
    25M� cash. Gremlin's revenues in 98 were 26.6M�, and
    earnings before tax were 4.1M�.Apparently there were
    several bidders, Infogrammes were the only ones to offer

    -French based Titus Interactive takes a 15% stake in
    Interplay for approx 10M$, with an option to buy stake up
    to 34%.

    I would be very interested by your
    comments on these valuations.

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    • ask your boss to get a feel on wether the company
      forsees to meet analysts expectations for earnings in
      march99, ie 1.33� per share? Any indication of this, and I
      buy more shares at this price.

    • Skidmo1 is right. My boss is attending the meeting. Will let you know if anything new comes out of it.

    • It seems that the earnings informations in Les
      Echos were NOT CORRECT.
      Gremlin was in effect
      losing 0.8 M� in 98, while increasing its revenue by 39%
      . The cost base, namely distribution cost, is what
      made the situation no longer sustainable long term on
      a stand alone basis. It increased in 98 by 216%.

      It seems that What attracted Infogramme buying
      Gremlin is mainly the complementarity of their

      Sorry for the error in previous message.

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      • I work for an investment firm and was talking to
        one of our mutual fund managers about Eidos. He's
        known of and liked Eidos for quite some time. But he's
        just now starting to purchase it for his fund. Why?
        The fund, as many are, is limited to investing in
        companies which are a certain size. Eidos was too small,
        but now with its rising stock price its market
        capitalization is quite larger and large mutual funds can take
        positions. This may sound stupid, but it's the reality of
        institutional investing. It proves that Wall Street isn't
        always ahead of the curve and individual investors in
        many ways have an advantage. This stock will continue
        to rise!