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  • bttitan bttitan Nov 21, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    Another NEW HIGH

    Great Company. Great Performance. Growing, Growing, Growing!!! What more to say.

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    • paid pumper for sure do you post on your coffee break? or lunch break?

    • "Livin' in the past"...Off to low $100's. See you there

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • What more to say??? Perhaps overvalued by, oh, say around $50 or so? Take a look at:
      1. Insider selling.
      2. Fundamental valuation. Check out all those bloated numbers (everything except PEG, which is only mildly unreasonable).
      3. The fact that housing numbers are the most manipulated economic indicators known to mankind.
      And most importantly...Common sense (or in the longs case, lack thereof).
      Objectivity always wins out over subjectivity in the long run, i.e., I'll take the tortoise over the hare...

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • There are a lot of employees of this company who are in "average" position that have got fairly wealthy in the last year. I am suprised more of the executives haven't cashed in, "retired" and moved on with enjoying the rest of their lives.

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      • Cleareyed -- You are right about your comment on the stock options. There are time frames in which they must exercise or they will expire. These "shorties" talk about insider trading, but it is really stock options being exercised when you look closely at the trading. They must be purchased and held for a year minimum to get the capital gains rate. Even if the rate jumps to 20%, it will be better than the ordinary earnings rate.

        The employee stock ownership at this Company is very high and they are enjoying the benefits in their 401k's. The only downside is they are buying fewer shares at this higher price point. Long term benefits will be exciting for those who continue to contribute and get the company match. In addition, dividends keep piling up, a great position to be in!!!

        Sentiment: Buy

      • December 2012 is a great time for SHW's fortunate execs to cash out a large chunk of their ESOs, based upon the reality of higher fed tax rates next year. As a result there will be some weakness in the stock price until late December. Yes, many SHW spouses are enjoying themselves this holiday season, more than in any other year.

        Sentiment: Hold

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