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  • easymoney216 easymoney216 Mar 10, 2014 8:00 AM Flag

    mid $20.s before long

    hellooooooooooo can you hear me now.

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    • The funny thing is, you trolls have been saying that for a really long time. Are you taking the broken clock approach to stock predicting? (Even a broken clock is right twice a day...)

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      • maybe your clock but unless DT goes with a No Breakup fee there will be NO Bid and TMUS cash flow will drop like a Rock along with Share Price.. DT shares are locked up until Nov. after that they can dump what they want but will lose the premium. Sprint has nothing but time on their side more then what TMUS has. Remember merger talk got you here not TMUS actions or DT..
        so keep buying customers ETF and see where you go.
        Sprint does not have to but the whole company only 51% or more and DT Has 68% so when it comes to push and shove who of the two DT or TMUS will come out the winner.
        there could have been a bid on the table already had DT dropped the termination fee as Sprint wanted and it is not like there are a line on buyers at the front door is there?

        whats that tell you? tells me DT in Nov. can dump as many shares as they like and walk with a profit .what if Sprint took only 49.9% and Dish the other 18% that DT has to offer together they are majority owners and that is control and guess what wont need approve by FCC or Gov. as they will be looked at as majority investors . kind of like the Sprint / ClearWire set up was.

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