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  • flatwood_farms flatwood_farms Mar 13, 2014 8:42 PM Flag

    Legere.....what say ye?

    Is it just me or does Legere come off as a bit creepy?

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    • Legere is not a 'savory' guy...
      From the LA Times:
      * During his nearly four-year affiliation with Global Crossing and its Asian subsidiary, Legere approved many of the controversial "capacity swaps" that triggered federal investigations and contributed to the company's downfall. A panel of outside directors called the company's reliance on such deals "not a prudent or financially sound business decision."
      * Thousands of former employees watched their severance payments vanish, but Legere went to great lengths to make sure he was paid in full. As bankruptcy loomed in 2001, for instance, Legere summoned a vacationing employee to ensure that Global Crossing paid the income taxes on a $10-million personal loan to Legere the company had forgiven.
      * Without board approval, Legere spent $500,000 of Asia Global Crossing's money to settle three separate sexual harassment claims against him.
      * And even after he shut the flow of free coffee at Global Crossing's new Florham Park, N.J., headquarters to save money, Legere continued to drive a Cadillac Escalade at the company's expense, fly first-class and live in a Manhattan apartment that costs the company an estimated $10,000 a month.

    • He's abrasive, and a little too manic, but come on- he has a big incentive to sell his product as hard as he can.

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