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  • whopperkaraoke whopperkaraoke Apr 16, 2014 12:34 PM Flag

    Current P/E for TMUS is 590 when the average is around 12

    Do investors really believe this stock can go from $.05 per share earning to over $3.00 per share this year? The way they're blowing thru money right now, they're going to have a loss this next quarter. Even a buyout doesn't justify that kind of number for TMUS. I wish I knew what everyone else knew to justify this.

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    • Hey genius, 20 million dollar quarterly loss is hardly blowing through money. Sprint paid their inept CEO 49 million to continue his pathetic job. T-mobile has been adding more postpay customers ever and they will all but certain blow out q2. Dont believe it, ask around.. Jan and Feb were record sales months for most of their dealer channel.

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    • (I wish I knew what everyone else knew to justify this) if anybody knew anything they would not be buying tmus and there is absolutely nothing to jusify price of 30, 3 on a good day may be. now that makes sense and that is what reality should be and will be.

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    • You need to know how to punch in on a Polish calculator;-)


    • I love it when the A holes post disgruntled remarks instead of polite discussion. But here's some food for thought. When I say burning thru money, consider that TMUS is paying for the cancelation fees & early termination fees so competitors get their money back for all of those subsidized phones just so TMUS can gain a customer for a month. There is no monthly contract keeping those new customers, so after their phones are paid for they can then go to which ever provider that works best in their area. And then when they go back to their original provider they find out that their provider is offering lower rates to get them back. It's a win/win for the customer. Therefore, all TMUS has done is temporarily lowered rates for the average Joe and TMUS has gained nothing. As an investor I don't see the point, as a consumer I want to send TMUS a thank you card.

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