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  • chinarallpigsaccountedfor chinarallpigsaccountedfor Aug 7, 2014 3:32 PM Flag

    Class action lawsuit against TMobile on behalf of MetroPCS customers for having store salespeope illegally doing upgrades

    MetroPCS customers are being told they have to pay an upgrade fee to switch to the TMobile network or their phones won't work. A text message was sent out to all MetroPCS customers. However while true that the phones may not work store salespeople are telling customers they must now pay more for their plans or their phones will no longer work. TMobile and MetroPCS are enacting a bait and switch fee. Looks like TMobile will be millions if not billions in fines.

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    • hot air balloons can not hold the hot air for too long, it always leaks, that is what is going on with tmus. Son turned out to be way more clever than that free party hopper at tmus. Son had learnt from T's mistake.

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      • AT&T's CEO lost billions of dollars of shareholders money on his ill advised bid for TMUS. Mr Son would have lost billions of HIS OWN money if he went ahead and bid for TMUS. That's how a smart leader operates. Son and Ergen are in cahoots as we watch the TMUS PPS head towards $20.00. BTW, Sprint's new CEO [ a marketing veteran] is ready to take Pinky on, that will be refreshing while Mr Son reloads.

      • "hot air balloons can not hold the hot air for too long, it always leaks"

        Funny, you evoke the same imagery every time you post. The only thing Son learned is that the FCC wasn't going to approve the merger in any form. The combined spectrum bid getting shot down was the last straw. What are you Sprint-thumpers going to do now that your precious Hesse is gone?

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