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  • wsoxfan1983 wsoxfan1983 Nov 1, 2007 2:30 PM Flag

    Trying to figure out

    What is going on at .72

    Somebody is buying shares on the bid at .72 and has been doing so for a couple weeks now.

    Putting up bids between 7k and 12k. Getting filled and then popping another bid up.

    Anybody have any thoughts?

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    • I coverred my short on GMR today and did pick up a total of 14,000 at .72, started looking for 7000 but decided to double that as the day went. I will probably buy more but for now I'm going to sit on some cash I believe, there may be some bargains in the next week or two.
      JJ, great call on IPII. Have you seen how low CHCI has gone? Prob should have held off longer, huh? IM me if you get a chance, I saw you shorted FCF nad NCC, curious what else you're shorting. Did you ever short FARO, you talked about it last month? I hope you did as I wished I would have. And your right, Alaska was incredible.

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      • glad you enjoyed AK, my wife and I try to go every few years. No, I didn't short FARO, knew it was overvalued but couldn't find a technical spot to jump in. I didn't realize you were short IPII, good job but very tough to cover. Easy market now, short and short again on these financials and highly leveraged HB'ers. I missed 8 pts on CHCI but am up nicely on WCI and HOV (not adding to those positions though) BLUE may test .60, we have cash on the side and will jump on any major dumps but for most part we like the shortside...just too easy to turn down. I'll IM a few later to you...gotta run

    • I don't know who's buying. who is selling?
      I thought k-man soaked up all of the float.

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