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  • larsongertrude larsongertrude Jan 17, 2008 8:33 PM Flag

    BLUE MET 4Q GUIDANCE!!!....PROFITABLE QUARTER SAID CEO PALMER TODAY glen palmer is the best under $1 stock in the market.....period

    ceo palmer today gave more clarity about 4q confirming what he guided for.....breakeven to slightly profitable. If you look at the numbers he presented closely, revenues of $7.5m were also met.

    this means that margings are about 50% and the company is starting to realize savings per the recent restructuring.

    he said in the last cc that the full impact of the restructuring program will be seen in q1 2008. If he meets the guidance he gave for q1 2008 in terms of revenue you can see that blue will post about 4c/share net income in q1.

    the international deals announced yesterday plus the other initiatives he highlighted in the presentation today should go a long way towards continuous and steady revenue grow.

    we all know through trlg that the high end jean sector is strong despite the economy....and is growing faster overseas where he is expanding now.

    just to let you know...the last few today trades were mine ....thank you for the silly cheap shares.

    kman and i will be rich thanks to ceo palmer and deep pocketed high-vested interest mr. Paul guez.

    hey manipulators....make my week...sell me more cheap shares tomorrow will you??.....i will have lots of cash to take them away from you....vereyyyyyy happily!!!!!

    only in america!!!!!....and i am not eben don king!!!!

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    • ksmksi
      try reading this with out laughing.

    • thats a pretty good call IMO that you made on the $.04 cents net in 1st 1/4er...did you know that whe BLUE ws trading in the $4sssssss that the earnings for the year were only $.20 cents...with Palmer"s $3,000,000 million in restructuring savings thats a dime in and of itself with only neutral earnings...but if BLUE added another dime theres the $.20 cents and probably a $2.00 share seriously impressed with Palmer and hope to have a face to face with him when opportunity arrives...and HEY, leave some shares for a buying i have thats looking for a buinch!...these are difficult Market Times but actually a good time to already be discounted 90%...BLUE's old shareholders have been in a recession for a year already but a recession in these times will not be anywhere as severe as the last one, the World Economies are much to big to be held hostage for an extended period!!...good luck in 08...

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