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  • nextinbreed nextinbreed Apr 15, 2008 4:59 PM Flag


    inventory has increased again to 9.0 million!!!
    How the hell did that happen!!!!

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    • I feel chances are he'll stay on but I'll admit, I didn't really like the CC at all and to be blunt, this economy's tough and my conversation w/ JOEZ made alot of sense toward why BLUE's rev's just keep dropping, if they've lost alot of credibility w/ retailers, they may have a really tough time regaining shelf space and w/ retailers being much more "inventory conscience tight" they may have a tough time getting firm orders...I'm not blaming Palmer by any means but for him to miss after the Q4 was over, I feel he's inherited a tougher job than he,you, or I envisioned...does it mean he cant ride BLUE out and gain trust back?? I was positive he could w/ the designs they have but w. deliveries still being a problem, I was told wrong fabrics have been a problem, it does catch my eye. I still own approx 75K and am down but shaved quite a bit over the past couple comfort level has waned... I plan to still have a holding but not as large as I originally wanted...Q1 numbers will dictate if I buy,hold, or sell. Maybe one of KMAN's imaginary friends can come out and play, and buy a million share stake like Kman( LOL)...should hit a buck or two then LOL

    • your ICON bought every brand they own on borrowed money you fool!...ICON Nhas well over $225,000,000 million in debt and the CEO just sold a ton of shares!'s dow $9.00 in just 6 months and your preaching to us!...ha,ha,ha, your a funny little CONMAN!...Palmer is alot smarter than Cole too!...

    • I forgot. So sorry.

      Rah, rah, rah, go, go, go

    • hey you got a lot of nerve talking sense on the blue board. how dare you use facts from the company to point out the problems facing blue. Don't you know that you can only use the positive statements from palmer not the negative numbers that he missed. k-women and the investment dud will soon set you straight.

    • I hope you can make some money here. In my opinion, it's a pure crapshoot and worthy of a small speculation only. In other words, use money that you are prepared to lose and not think twice about but the market is chock-full of such stocks. good luck

    • inventory has increased again to 9.0 million!!!
      How the hell did that happen!!!!

      Nextinbreed what do you think about the next 2 quarters. 2) How many more shares in the pool/dilution???

    • I guess that is why they will do 8 to 8.5 million Q1 and average 7 to 7.5 million the following quarters. Palmer's really building momentum, thank god for those door openings LOL. Kman cant pump this quick enough so that he can sell his shares and at steep losses, just like TAGS LOL

    • Weren't you on the call...or should i say LISTENINGto Palmer!? There was 2.2mill dollars worth of inventory in bill-and-hold! that would take your so-called inventory down to 6.8mill! And I bet you with Palmer on board it is still declining!

    • one of the worse CC's I've ever listened too...I couldn't get a question in, Beder sent his lame dame in, no meaningful questions per say...the question on plans of keeping from being delisted was a decent question, w/ the obvious being a reverse split and he high tailed that one...
      I'm not blaming Palmer really, it's a tough environment but his miss on Q4 along w/ all the other (continual excuses) ... he's losing shelf space as Joe's continues gaining space, I called Joes today trying to get a feel on the denim market and who the players are that are making headwinds... they said the environment is tough, getting firm orders is a battle and the unless you have the power to "command preorders", you'll have alot of problems w/ projections. I specifically asked about BLUE, was told it's a quality product but with many a headaches that come w/ them...aka...wrong shipments, late shipments, they've lost favor w/ many retailers as far as any of them allotting a ton of shelf space (just in case it doesn't show up or wrong pieces). With this environment, it's companies like BLUE that will lose space as retailers cant afford a misstep. He did mention they have solid products, solid designers, doesn't really know Palmer at all but mentioned he wouldn't want to have "that" job right now. The numbers speak for themselves as far as who's gaining space and who's losing...JOEZ plus 20% YOY, BLUE down once again YOY...I'm still quite long here and feel that when the economy turns (when is the word), BLUE will once again have a chance to gain...just my honest opinions and what I was told.

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      • GREAT POST , honest and informative instead of k woman's lieing and recopying old articles.

      • Just finished listening to the taped earnings call, what a joke !! K WOMAN, how could you say that was positive, my 5 year old daughter has 10 times the investing IQ you do. Palmer haa already missed his first projection (he reiterated weeks after the Q ended to boot, he's a liar too), he's a chip off the block already LOL. You could read in Palmer's own voice (as compared to his previous upbeat calls) that he's HOPING this crap turns around, could hear it in his statements, it wasn't the same confidence and he did quite abit of him-haws on questions. I loved the "what's your plans from getting delisted" he spouts I already said how LOLOLO. Palmer cant even speak the truth to an easy question, probably a reverse split, instead he gets defensive hoping that anyone feels this will reach a buck in May and save him any further decisions, what a crock of BS. New door openings and all these so called orders (we've heard all this over the past year) yet rev's down and inventory up. I wonder when he'll bail and Guez go down w/ the ship.

      • JJ,

        I know that you stated numerous times that you would not be in this stock if it wasn't for your friends recommendation. What is his take on BLUE at this point. I getting getting very discourage by the company's business plan and its execution of the business plan.


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