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  • wendell3308 wendell3308 Nov 6, 2008 11:27 AM Flag

    Energy company in an energy crisis & NO dividends & needs guv' guarantee?

    ...Good grief....

    ...just mo' money for incompetent former DOE employees...

    .....& their lawyers...

    USU to $2

    ....but it would do ALL AMERICA a service by just going BANKRUPT!

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    • Expect the O man to have to give away the store in dealing with Putin.

      Putin shelved Russia's WTO. And put it in with other OIL & GAS producers.

      Putin will EXTRACT a HUGE....HUGE price for additional Megatons to MegaWatts.

      The O man will gladly allow USEC to hit the bankruptcy courts.....

      ....and surprisingly the case may be decided by NYC law firms....

      Just call it more O+Hillary-care....

      Good luck'll need it!

    • Interesting comparison between China's stimulative effort.....
      ...they're building 7 new nukes....

      ...added 10 more to the list....

      ...more to come? guess...yes....

      Not sure that the stimulative program passed by the Democratic Congress will do more than just pass out more money to lawyers.

      Unemployed & those without healthcare need help badly.....but doesn't seem like lawyers or lawmakers will do anything to stop the foreclosures and bankruptcies..

      ...thus, that some of that money to unemployed & needy will find it's way into the pockets of rich lawyers.....sad....truly sad.

      How much? Not the right question.

      How much is too much for the lawyers?

    • <No one is lobbying that USEC is the greatest company ever known to mankind or even the best Materials or Uranium Enrichment company. However, at these ridiculous prices, with limited competition, backing of the US Government, in a growth industry, years of backlog, & virtually no chance of bankruptcy, the company simply has to be a buy. >

      Great argument, sdphoneman!

      Bet you were selling everyone on ENRON in it's heyday!

      Ridulous prices? Let's crisis....this is an energy company....

      ...but it PAYS NO DIVIDENDS.....hmmm.... to be good....sure....that's why ALL the 'tutes are just recommending the heck out of it..


      You & Bernie Madoff MUST be BUDDIES! LOL!

    • Wendell - as a programmer, I know very well that just about any project of significant complexity will miss milestones. Everybody knows that. The contract allows for milestones to be missed if there isn't a material failure upon the part of USEC that caused the miss. I really don't see that you have a point worth pursuing here. You really have not backed up with facts your speculation that composites are bad as a rotor material. Composites can handle more stress per unit weight than most if not all metals. Composites can be formulated to dissipate heat if that is problematic. The devil in the design, if there are devils, will be in the details which we don't have - at least as far as I know, no one on this MB has them.

    • wendell;
      I seem to smell seething hatred for DOE/USU in your posts.
      WAZ-UP???....what gives??
      What did they do to you??

      Da Beef!!! (long & strong) didn't seem to recognize that I corrected myself about the space between the rotor & casing

    • Q. When USEC engineers that can't come up with centrifuges...that produce....
      what do you do?

      A. Change the milestones....just push 'em back!

      Latest 8-K shows USEC has until NOV 2009 to come up with FINANCING.
      etc. etc. Management say we're not changing the plan....blah..blah...blah...

      Sounds like the DOE & digging the HO' in Yucca....sometime next year....or next decade....or next century....or blah, blah, blah....

      From the link,

      The DOE-USEC Agreement provides that USEC will begin operations of an enrichment facility at Paducah or Portsmouth using advanced technology with annual capacity of 1 million SWU (expandable to 3.5 million SWU) in accordance with certain milestones. The milestone schedule contains target dates for various steps culminating in deployment of an advanced enrichment technology facility, including testing, NRC licensing, financing and construction. The milestones require, among other things, that a centrifuge facility (i) begin commercial operations in Portsmouth by January 2009 and achieve an annual capacity of 1 million SWU by March 2010 or (ii) begin commercial operations in Paducah by January 2010 and achieve an annual capacity of 1 million SWU by March 2011.
      If USEC does not meet a milestone and the resulting delay will materially impact its ability to begin commercial operations on schedule, for reasons within its control, DOE may take any of the following actions: (1) terminate the DOE-USEC Agreement and be relieved of its obligations thereunder, (2) require USEC to reimburse DOE any costs caused by DOE expediting decontamination and decommissioning facilities to be used by USEC for advanced technology, (3) require USEC to transfer to DOE royalty free exclusive rights to the centrifuge technology and data in the field of uranium enrichment, (4) require USEC to return any leased facilities upon which the advanced technology project was being or was intended to be constructed, and (5) except for GDP facilities being operated, require USEC to waive its exclusive right to lease the Paducah and Portsmouth plants.
      After USEC has secured firm financing commitments for the construction of a 1 million SWU plant and has begun construction, DOE’s remedies are limited to circumstances where USEC’s gross negligence in project planning and execution is responsible for schedule delays or USEC has abandoned or constructively abandoned the project. In such cases, USEC will be entitled to a reasonable royalty for the use of any intellectual property and data transferred for non-governmental purposes.




      So what to do….if you don’t meet the plan…..change the PLAN!!!

    • <Is it possible that they use composites for less heat transfer & case in steel to maintain integrity?>
      The steel case is where you get most of the heat transfer to.
      ....Just like in electric motors....heat generated at rotors....goes to the outside case.
      Operating temperatures in ACP would be similar, if not a bit higher.
      As higher velocities near case mean higher gas temperatures.

      <Also...Is there a bonding material between the composite & the casing that would mediate the molecular movement of the two materials?
      I'm not privy to the details of the decision process in the design, but I would expect it was based on the experiance of the engineers involved, & I'm choosing to trust them.>

      Da beef, the only material between the composite rotor & casing is ...DA GAS...or DA SEALS.....

      To get very LOW need VERY TIGHT CLEARANCES (i.e., NO SEALS) between ROTOR & CASING!

      Don't know what you're smoking, but you sure are funny! ;-)

    • wendell - composites are also used on stealth jet fighter aircraft. Definitely not low velocity or low stress either.

    • Fiberglass is slightly higher than steel. Graphite's coefficient is much lower.

    • Silicon carbide & basalt particles are often used to "harden" fiberglass pipe that may be subject to corrosive and abrasive flow.

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