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  • daysofwonder2 daysofwonder2 Jun 22, 2011 9:07 AM Flag

    Vote of Confidence?

    Why be sorry about the repost? Please feel free to repost anytime. Headwind does not even have the ability or the decency to answer a posters question when it is related to this company....he is an expert in every subject known to man except...he is unable to read a simple restated credit agreement and comment thereon. He is too busy trying to wage his socialism, Canada hatred, Fox pushing, stupidity, twist everything to my own liking campaign on a FINANCE board. Maybe since you really seem to own this stock, you could answer the question raised by the poster above? There is a reason that people who invest in this company do not come to this board for anything much of value. Whenever a legitimate question is proposed, it is not answered in favor of the global warming/socialism/Obama hatred crap.