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  • lewis_whokeyser lewis_whokeyser Dec 20, 2012 9:57 PM Flag

    Sen Portman Addresses ACP

    For that to happen two things must occur
    1) The ACP must go online
    2) SILEX must fail
    Unfortunately, it may take years for GE to give up on SILEX even if it doesn't work, just as it took years for USEC to give up on AVLIS. GE received two billion from DOE for their work with wind turbines. USEC needed the money, GE didn't. GE is in bed with the Administration.

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    • I wouldn't want to be sleeping with THIS administration considering some of the other partners!

    • Option two won't happen, it has already been proven to work and work well, According to Tammy Orr, president and CEO of Global Laser Enrichment,Currently, uranium for use as
      fuel for nuclear power plants is enriched using centrifuge technology, a process which is less efficient than the new laser technology. "Laser enrichment is game-changing," Orr said, to a recent meeting of the Cape Fear World Trade Association. "It can take us to the next level of efficiency.

      Ask yourself why GE would be contemplating a second plant at Paducah to further enrich the tails left over by USEC, if you are thinking of a second plant then wouldn't it be a given that the first plant is going ahead?