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  • sponge_bob_is_no_square sponge_bob_is_no_square Mar 7, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    Earnings on Tuesday, 3/12?

    Who says that Usec beats the $.10 Q4 estimate, and by how much?

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    • USEC is not an earnings story, it's a news driven story. It's also easy to manipulate earnings by increasing or decreasing the money spent on building the ACP in any given quarter, plus earnings are historically "lumpy" based on the timing of payments from its customers.
      Also, Spot SWU prices continue their decline from a peak of $160 in 2009 to a current $120, while USEC's operating costs keep increasing which causes USEC's earnings to be squeezed.
      Lastly the dollar has been strengthening against the Euro, and this trend is likely to continue making USEC's products more expensive to European customers.

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      • "USEC is not an earnings story, it's a news driven story."

        Thanks, Lewis.

        In some respects those are two sides of the same coin. With consistency and greater visibility on the earnings, especially after mid-2013, it would be less news driven. The timing of payments from customers shouldn't the timing of earnings, unless there's a collection problem which there shouldn't be.

        Surely, the first and second quarters of 2013 should be profitable. That includes the big gain on the sale of NAC International. After that, the picture is more clouded (and news driven, I agree).

        Disclosure: Just in case it isn't obvious, I have been buying Usec with both hands lately.

    • Sorry for replying to my own message, but is there no interest in the Company's earnings?

      Supposedly they're to be announced on Tuesday, 3/12/13. The IR department has been in a "quiet" period for weeks. What really gives for Q4 earnings in which the PGDP should have been in full swing and very profitable? I'll be disappointed if the Company doesn't blow away the 10-cent estimate and provide solid guidance for the rest of 2013 (including after Paducah closes and they are dependent on Tenex as a resource until (when and if) ACP comes on line).

      I am fully aware of the Company's financial and technical problems, and why an institutional shareholder doesn't want to touch it. But I am dumbfounded why there isn't more speculative interest given the upside potential assuming the issues (that is, problems) are resolved.

      Are there any actual shareholders out there? What say you?