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  • sponge_bob_is_no_square sponge_bob_is_no_square Mar 19, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    NYSE listing and reverse split

    Sorry, I was interrupted during the call by (somebody who thought they had) an emergency.

    Did managment say anything on these two issues?

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      • Perhaps what they would not say is more meaningful than what was said. The key question as to whether buying Tenex SWU and using current SWU inventory would create a greater gross profit than either ACP or Paducah was unanswered directly BUT THEN it was stated that with power being 70% of Paducah costs they could not keep it open for SWU production past scheduled time and negotiations with D.O.E. are ongoing related to maintaining inventory not SWU production. All the ridiculous negative talk is misleading by shorts who don't understand how much SWU is desirec to be done domestically. Tenex deal is truly a godsend to USU and its shareholders as would any order from the 50 or so Chinese nukes being built.
        IMHO this should not be a penny stock but while it is I plan on continuing to accumulate it.