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  • matt_trader_203 matt_trader_203 Jul 29, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    This company is pure evil, nothing clean about nuclear energy

    The management is all super arrogant god-complex engineers, who probably hate solar/wind/geothermal.

    There is nothing clean about nuclear energy, it emits twice the co2 as solar throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

    You have to store nuclear waste for 1000's of years, and most of the containers are leaking radioactive waste into the ground.

    Fukushima and chernobyl both spread radiation around the entire globe, and there was a sharp increase in radiation related cancers around chernobyl for years after chernobyl and this will likely happen after fukushima.

    Every year or so nuclear industry has been pumping and dumping, I will love to see the dump that happens after this.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell