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  • wile_e99 wile_e99 Sep 17, 1998 3:37 PM Flag

    Ralph Nader slams USU...

    This is a great buying opportunity. Ralph Nader
    whines about nuclear power all the time. His accusations
    are primarily against the NRC for mishandling a
    problem which would not be solved until September, 1998.
    Hey! We made it! The only accusation against USEC he
    has made is that the prospectus didn't warn stock
    buyers about the dangerous conditions in the plants. The
    issue of whether or not there were genuinely dangerous
    conditions is a matter of opinion. Apparently, the NRC's
    opinion was that there was no signifigant danger. Unless
    he has bought shares and lost money because of this
    failure to disclose, he has no standing to complain to
    the SEC.
    Any stock which has held up in the market
    today (Dow down 200) is a good stock to own in this
    volitile market. This is a six year stock. To buy it with
    the idea of selling it sooner is to miss a great
    opportunity. Anyone who cuts and runs at the first whimper
    from Nader doesn't deserve the massive profits this
    stock will yield. The biggest problem will be paying
    the taxes on the fat dividends. The solution is to
    own it in and IRA or 401(k) so the dividends can
    build in a tax-free environment.