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  • wanzewurld46 wanzewurld46 Mar 19, 2012 11:45 PM Flag

    Taking all of your investment

    I see it went up 17.6% today! That sounds pretty impressive but it still stinks; I'll take the "Fish" moniker because a silver-tongued investment counselor talked me into the original investment and I backed up the bad judgment by buying in again at 0.12-3/4; I may need my head examined but, like I said, it's a small percentage of my total investments and I felt like putting a bet on a long shot. There are still suckers getting in the market and some of them could conceivably drive the price up to about 25 cents and get me out with a profit-Not outside the realm of possibility! It ain't the first OR last bad decision on my part. I'm in for about $2,500 so, while that's a nice chunk of change, it's not gonna break me. Still, I wish that broker had it broke off in some unmentionable orifice!
    Thanks for all the opinions though; it is still what it is and I'm pretty stubborn about my gambles and hunches. Wasn't today a nice day though? I made enough on today's increases over Friday's close to make up that one bad investment - On paper, that is! I'm pretty well holding on to everything for the time being and looking for signs to get out of a few equities and look around for the next winner. Check out JAH and EVX!