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  • eight.ball63 Mar 27, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    *** Picture of a Death Spiral ***

    Pull a one year chart.

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    • heck pull a 2 year chart.

    • More like the picture of a short seller!! How about you pull the one year chart on lithium demand and inevitability of omnipresent computing . Let me just say that lithium ion technology and especially lithium air looks like no brainer. The energy density is absurd relative to its peers. I don't see biological batteries making the scene just yet, especially if our devices lack efficiency which they still do. In short, GET READY OLD FARTS FOR THE REAL TECH REVOLUTION, YOU DONT COMPREHEND THE MEANING OF INNOVATION IN THE RAPIDLY CHANGING GLOBAL LANDSCAPE.!!!! Energy is the root of matter, life and consiousness and Its gonna be ubiquitous in an ever increasing number of compenents just like paper and electirc motors have become today. Furthermore I think that compartmentalization of our energy structure makes sense in the long term. For example industrial scale battery banks. Just stop shorting you wierdo. You are not that intelligent. Haha just playing, but I think a legit conversation or discussion on this board concerning burgeonng technology, financials and practicality would be in order. but obviously you get paid $15 an hour to spout a bunch of poo poo