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    After this weekend the timeline and licensing became more unclear...tbe opposite of what Id hoped. After hearing the audio, I did not like how the speakers articulated themselves or the way they addressed their shareholders.

    I thought an open house would be "open" in that shareholders would see progress (or lack of) on the interior of the large building.

    I became aware of several more companies that have been granted their licenses, and are in production, and taking orders. One, TWEED, looks to be the best in its field with an enormous 150,000 sq ft grow. They are producing and currently taking orders to be filled Apr.1. They are also located in Ontario, and will start developing customer loyalty immediately. TWEED is also going public, getting listed on the Canadian stock exchange next month. Their facility looks very clean and impressive with plenty of pictures on the web and their site. They have an enormous fort Knox like vault, and they are letting potential investors see exactly what the operation looks like..

    The sector as a whole is pulling back a bit and makes sense to take a small profit.

    After holding the s.p. on Fri.and seeing it held at the 52 week high this morning with no volume, I suspected a bull trap which often a sign of reversal in trend.

    Lastly, I would pose this question to you....what would you do if a company you were invested in had close to 1 BILLION shares becoming unrestricted in the next couple months? Shareholders that may have held these restricted shares since it was in the trips, may want to cash in once they became

    Anyway, that's why I sold this morning.....glod luck

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    • Yeah, I just found out about Tweed. It looks like it has an ongoing operation already.
      I too was a bit let-down with the "open house." Liked the law guys and the mayor but some of the others sounded more than a bit defensive.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Yes, but the current licensees are all private ....except tweed expecting to up list....I have been following tweed's progress for a while and yes they are a high quality player worth watching. Health Canada has not closed the door and I still think FITX does have a valid chance even though a little late to the party.

    • I billion is nothing to a 5 billion market... are you saying this should be a dollar stock? at 80% margins? Get on down the road and hustle school money. This is a ten cent stock that has a very small market cap(((((billions or not)))). This has potential and you now it and are trying to talk it down for the reload.

    • Im sorry to hear you go message. You are (were) one of the few articulate longs on this board I pay attention to. I think the dilution is a concern; however, delays in construction due to the frozen ground should not be a surprise to you. I do not like the way Bill handled the shorts, but perhaps he as a new CEO of a "highly" publicized company will have some bumps along the way? I will remain optimistic at least until the end of this year. Stay in touch

      Long FITX

    • It's okay. I don't like any of the people at the open house. They sound uninformed. Sam is an idiot. That's why he sold. I don't blame him. Everytime Dr. Sam opens his mouth he sounds just like he has a PHD. They are going to use the standing Buildings and mentiion nothing of the Solar Power. Health Canada just doesn't need FITX slow pokes. Why not show the non existing buildings? The New Improved? Not a Rat Infested Barn talking about CLEAN Medicine.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Where is the proof that 1 billion shares are becoming unrestricted?

    • the growing of cannabis is easy with the right equipment, a proper facility, will, in the future be
      easy to get certified, and the USA opening up its markets will invite hundreds to get into growing strng buy longs are kiddin' yourselves, acting as if FITX has some kinda' exclusive patent
      or process. that biillion of frestricted shares will be the death knell of this bull run. the promoter/insiders will drive the bid down quickly, and MM's will be shorting hugely ahead of the
      release date, you'll see! the fifty-two week low of .00009 may or may not hold. good luck

      Sentiment: Sell

    • great post in my humble view, thanks
      be careful, the CEO and his Lawyers may label you as a basher and bring a lawsuit to you

    • Good decision. The timeline was always a question mark for me.

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      • you said you had 30,000 shares on last post. apparently you just got in and know jack. We longs from a little time back look at this a whole different way. There will be no competition for selling.. All will be. LICENSE, and go... Of course the stock will be up 500 to 1000% from here. BUY AAPL.. LOL!!! Good luck... with sales and all increasing for 6 years.. You being here one or two weeks indicates weak hands and you will do this over and over always chasing and buying back higher, two weeks later. 30,000 shares $15,000 next week or 4 weeks.. LOL!!! You are a sad piece of work... No guts no glory... But its all easy pickins and you do not see it... HMMM! POT of GOLD!

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      • k great, can you go post on a another board now

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