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  • rchites rchites Feb 26, 2014 8:54 AM Flag

    What bashers dont know !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bill has done a great job acquiring the MJ business infrastructure and opportunity. They scare people with a BILLION shares out!!!!!!!!!!!! They are to stupid to understand ONE BILLION is like a MILLION when you trade 8 cents on the dollar!!!!!!!!!!!! figure out the decimal point in real money...or think in terms of market cap. ........... DOING THE NUMBERS by real analyst 420investor Alan Brochstein, Cannabis Financial Analyst, for analysis, alerts, chat and live events. - ##### Largest production facility in Canada and maybe the world……760 an oz and 12$ a gram as it settles down……Lakeshore video with old ministry of trade, president of economic development, Mayor of Ontario, is a game changer!!!! .. ….. In the MJ space, PHOT's 45% interest in Organic Growth International ,- PHOT-("OGI") and its 25% interest in CEN Biotech gives PHOT exposure to CEN Biotech's MJ production facility (biggest in the world) - a facility whose capacity of 1.3 million pounds could generate up to $11.25 million in revenue annually for PHOT. Creative Edge Nutrition Inc announced CEN Biotech Inc. has entered into a definitive contract to utilize the M3Hub services from Endexx Corporation

    In addition to the production of MJ from OGI, PHOT will also receive 7.7% of all gross payments from licensing fees through OCI's 25% stake in CEN Biotech.

    CEN Biotech now awaits approval from the Canadian government to produce and distribute cannabis for Canadian and International markets.

    Investors should watch for developments with the CEN Biotech deal. For each $1 per ounce unit of revenue, 1.3 million pounds calculates to $20.8 million of revenue for CEN Biotech.

    Approval by the Canadian government would put CEN Biotech in play (and possibly out of reach of CANX USA's budget), possibly attracting big tobacco to consider jumping into the industry with acquisitions as it becomes clear to all that the marijuana business is here to stay Catalyst 1) SHORTS ARE FUEL 2) Business climate change- loans? 3) Game changing growing methods 4) Fastest growth Industry 5) huge profits and margins 6) New sciences and hybrids 7) opportunity in new legalized products 8) penny stock huge gains-trend 9) risk/reward history 10) ground floor before the IPO 11) unprecedented opportunity12) new legislation caught MM by surprise 13) technical’s 14) 80% margins 15) little supply huge demand for products 16) first step advantage 17)states embrace tax structure around pot -historical law changes and embrace the trend 18) Medical field adaptations 19) low cost medical needs 20) historical law changes and embrace the trend((( niche))) 21) established health drinks, establish performance 22) real company at the bottom 23) life changer for those in pain 24) treat significant diseases 25) new strains with or without the high 26) raw or processed 27) creating developments across the industries ((jobs)))) medical- science—minerals ---Hybrids --LED lighting --- containers ---consumption options--- Hypnotics ---28) whole industry of needs 29) support from president support of the Mayor (Ontario)& (Provincial Minister of Trade ) 29)supply demand model proves uptrend 30) changing developments state by state 31) great leadership team 32) great products 33) great business plan 33) expanding 34) proven successes 35) offers a broad spectrum of capsules, tablets, powders and up to 50 different strains 36) multiple distribution contracts 37) ingestion methods beyond smoking are helping to drive prosperity/interest 38) distribution to Australian market with over 500 stores and in the New Zealand 300 stores 39) This new gold rush sometimes is referred to as a "green rush," 40) cannabis market is exploding 40) best facility 41) FSPM container =20 plants X 4LBS (RXNB strain) 16oz X 350oz = almost ½ million every 35 day growth cycle buy

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