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  • aim4arcturus aim4arcturus Mar 26, 2014 9:31 AM Flag

    Canadian Growers don't want FITX licensed

    The Canadian growers don't want FITX because they consider FITX to be unfair competition. The non-publically traded companies have to pay their own bills, employees, and interest on monies borrowed. The management of these licensed growers will be paid according to how well they produce and sell. If these businesses are to survive, they must be lean, efficient, and watching every dollar spent. It's up to the licensed growers to survive ... there is no shareholders to dilute and force into paying the bills.

    FITX on the other hand, FITX has shareholders who pay the bills because the company is broke. Shareholders also pay Bill and his family millions of dollars regardless of losses rung up by FITX. Shares can be used to pay bills, suppliers, and lenders. FITX doesn't need to be lean, efficient and watching every dollar -because shareholders can always be diluted further by Bill Chaaban if he needs more money. In the end, Bill can act like the Chinese by dumping loads of weed onto the marketplace at prices far below what the competition can afford do.

    This is why licensed growers in Canada don't want the American publically traded company issued a license.

    They know the penny stock pimp Bill will have an unfair advantage because he's not spending his own money, but rather shareholders money.

    If you don't think the licensed growers are not protesting FITX, you're sadly mistaken. Just like the patients that rallied and filed for an injunction which allows them to continue growing their own medicine, the licensed growers will rally to keep the playing field level. It's their money they are spending, not shareholders money like FITX is doing.

    FITX being a penny stock run by a guy who dilutes shareholders with billions of shares and doesn't file audited financials, is not the welcome at the growers table.

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    • Look man its only a matter of time before its regulated and sold only by licensed private companies regardless of what the patients SAY or WANT. If its treated as MEDICAL then you can grow the stuff on your own. It like me saying I want to GROW my own vicoden or Xanex. Ridiculous. Get a clue and use common sense on where this will end up in the long the PRIVATE sector period.

    • Marijuana smokers don't want FITX, they don't want Large Licensed Growers private or publicly traded companies. They want to grow their own. Marijuana smokers don't want large publicly traded companies hiring lobbist to start changing the rules that the small guys (individuals) had created. If the businesses do take off, you can be assured that corporate lawyers in the USA and Canada will go to work creating chaos.

    • Mom and Pop didn't want Walmart either, I wonder how that worked out. FITX ia about to go Walmart all over your #$%$

    • clintshearssafaris Mar 26, 2014 1:46 PM Flag

      Aim im kicking your arss....8th grade drop out kool aid!....u look so stupid!..dude its u against the whole world aim!....and all the numbers are on my side aim...u even paid tax money out of your taxes to stop did that work out for u aim??...the grower know all.

    • van16 Mar 26, 2014 1:43 PM Flag

      Ridiculous. Did this come to you in your sleep? Take a sleep aid next time.

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    • Right. Ideally I would have no competition. Now that's the way to do business, NO COMPETITION!!!
      Who doesn't want that??

    • interesting point. where did you get your facts or is this based on assumptions and a few disgruntled growers with no influence on gov. regulations? Is there an organization of Canadian growers in disfavor with FITX?
      again you make a good point worthy of further analysis.

      • 1 Reply to nowqi9
      • I would say the growers are happy to be doing what they're doing, but they are concerned about a company like FITX entering the licensed grow market. FITX doesn't care if it's profitable because that's not why the company is publically traded. FITX is about the sale of stock which insiders print by the billions for themselves and paying the bills. That is reality, and it gives FITX an unfair advantage over the privately funded grow operators who've already been licensed. Moreover, the licensed growers obviously have some influence with government -since very few licenses have been issued to date, but these people managed to get one.

        With the backlash from the patients worried about paying 400% more for their medicine when being forced to buy from a provider like FITX, I would guess the current law will be repealed which once again allows individuals to grow their own medicine. This will take away as much as 75% of the expected revenue the 10 licensed growers were hopeful to make, and if FITX does get a license, they too can expect to adjust their numbers to the downside as well.

        5 billion profit was never a realistic number put forth by the pumpers at FITX. FITX will be lucky to break even by their 3rd year of actually selling product.

        Again, this company isn't about profits. It's about selling stock which makes the insiders rich. This is why FITX is a penny stock with severe dilution to shareholders, and unaudited financials which allows those insiders to "hide" their true intentions.

        For weeks now, the insiders have been dumping. They've got the price propped up with stacked bids. This allows them to steady pps while they unload shares on anybody that's still buying. They can sell millions of shares a day while holding the price steady so investors don't panic and sell. This is why FITX is trading weeks now within the targeted range. Insiders are cashing out with a 8000% profit while laughing all the way to the bank. Death spiral in making. TOXIC FINANCING.

    • this is 100% speculation stock !!!
      better take yr $$$ and runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
      I did , now playing with just house $$$
      I cant lose ,,,even if it goes to ZERO !

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