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  • scprgirl scprgirl Apr 18, 2014 10:30 AM Flag

    Perspective: Pot vs. Alcohol and Tobacco Stocks

    Since the market is closed today, I figured I'd take a look at where the alcohol and tobacco company stock prices are, at present.

    Anheuser-Busch -- $109.20
    Philip Morris - $83.15
    Reynolds American (RJ Reynolds) - $54.90
    British American Tobacco - $114.60
    Boston Beer Company - $233.88

    Let that soak in. There is NO WAY legitimate pot companies won't follow suit and reach similar prices and I believe FITX is a legitimate company, along with my ERBB. I own AEGY and LATF as well and I feel good about them, but not as strongly as I do about this one and ERBB.

    Stay strong, longs. It might not happen overnight, but it's going to happen. Pot is FAR less harmful, yet one article after another is coming out, in a clear effort to attack this industry. Anybody whose ever used pot before knows that it doesn't make you violent or any of this bogus stuff they keep trying to come up with. Looking at the prices above, Big Tobacco and the wine and spirits industry has to be behind it. Morons.

    Keep spreading the good news about pot and this industry. We are on the right side of history and we will reap the benefits of having the guts to put our money where our mouths are.

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    • Interesting. RJ Reynolds (or Reynolds American Inc.) had sales of $8.2 billion last year. If FITX even gets to one quarter of that we early investors will make a lot of money. I have a lot of shares because I was involved in SCD when FITX acquired it, so I was paid in shares. I'll be quite happy when we hit $1.

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    • The other thing you need to mention when looking at these beer stocks is that some of them have had their stock split more than once.

      For example had RJ Reynolds never split their stock price would be over $300... I know because I own them.

      I was offered 100 shares and now have 400 shares because of these two splits.

      So if you've bought FITX, most likely you have more than 300,000 shares. Not just imagine they get to 50 and split,,, now you you 600,000,, again they rise to 50 and split you now have 1.2 Million...

      New investors would only see the new stock price, not really taking into consideration ALL the profit EARLY investors made in the stock..

      LONG FITX & TWEED!! and the entire Marijuana Industry!!!

    • big companies are at a disadvantage here with out solid laws. The first step can be a winner for small companies. DEMAND and the market is there. MARGINS

    • I agree with the stocks you like, but the statement about "far less harmful" and "stories being made up" is simply not true. I have to deal with people who have been affected by addictions, degenerative processes of "drugs," etc.... In fact the degenerative damage that MJ does to the brain is far more than you think. The industry will be huge just simply because we as humans enjoy the euphoria we feel from taking such substances, but the damage is real.

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      • The industry from HEALTH to recreational must be controlled. The hospice and medical needs are real as the down side abuse. The adult use in recreation must be controlled as many are week in my opinion. The spectrum on uses is wide as the opinions. I would hate to see a lot of stoned people and in my industry it is deadly. I have witnessed a loved one with cancer . Equally, deadly and disgusting disease and out come. I have never seen as much pain and inhuman treatment. I am the last person who wants to work with the impaired by abuse. ABUSE is a whole different matter to many. I have paid for pain medication for loved ones. I have carried a loved one to sick to move. Thank god we can argue this.

      • You are a liar. I'm speaking from experience and I do QUITE well in life. Far better than most people I know, so save it with the harm BS.

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