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  • I plan on having a site up in the next day or so as well as a you tube site to get information out about your shady comments, character and well, outright lies.....especially since you clearly are keeping my posts from being published......lets see who can really get information out can manipulate and lie....and we will just tell the truth...

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    • Wheres that web site baby boy. Or you just here running your mouth ? You wouldnt lie to us would you ?

    • This should be intelligent reading, from a plant science major from a JC:)

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    • just what we need..another basher that babbles constantly...

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    • "Iggie, Iggie, Iggie, Iggie!"

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    • Your so dumb that you typed out some BS / Basher Dribble and forgot to click on Post.

      On top of that , in your own words your a sm. time Ma / Pa Want-A-Bee Basement Growers that HC is cluttered with to screen out from a license. I have now made you an "IG"

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      • You are ignorant. Never personally grew. I have a degree in plant sciences (horticulture) and invested seed money in 2 licensed cultivation/production facilities in 2 different legal states. You sir, are nothing like me. Sad that you spew things from your mouth that you know nothing about. Keep buying, keep the bs up in an attempt to help the stock to rebound so you can get your money back. There's a hidden agenda for you all

      • We need a chant for these people we just put on their posts: "Ig! Ig! Ig! Ig!" Or if that's too simple, "Iggie, Iggie, Iggie, Iggie!" I'm going to start it and see if it works...

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    • Dear Mr. Hillbilly,

      I haven't been here in a couple of weeks. Thanks for reminding me why.

      I'll check back in July.

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    • Where do these idiots come from? Cant what to see your #$%$ on you tube.

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      • idiot is when you invest in company that makes comments stating they can grow product in 45 days. idiot is when you invest in a company that claims since they are building a 12M facility, that it somehow means they will make money, especially when they do not have a solid business plan in how to grow product! Your the idiot. most people would wait for license, buy at that time a small stake and buy at various levels as they actually show income. who they hell cares about buying 2 pennies later or even 25 cents later "IF" they are going to as big as you claim or think they will be????? Oh wait, the small #$%$ buyer who will sell for small profits will worry about buying early on and all of them are okay with taking the BLIND #$%$ RISK. fine, its your money, your risk......but do not forget the idiot you are looking at in the mirror!


    • Part 2. The conversation continued for about 45 minutes. Swalm was very adamant that finished product would begin to ship August 1st. If they try to rush a final product just to say it is being shipped, they will fail big time and those customers that receive early shipments will not continue to be customers for bad product when better product is available elsewhere. Swalm's position on this was that customers will be glad to have any product since their is a shortage. Not true in my opinion. You will just run off customer's and this is a terrible business plan anyway. I asked specific details about lighting, nutrients, lab testing, humidity issues that can effect mold end results (such as tweed went through) and he stuttered through it all. Always referring to BILL saying that the growth stage of the business is modeled after a 45 day cycle. I have great concern these guys have no idea how to produce a good product and are only worried about news releases about how big their facility is and how many thousands of pounds it will produce. There is much more to a business than just that folks, I own 2 businesses and over a year ago invested in 2 businesses in Colorado which I have been on the ground floor of all operations. What Bill and Swalm are saying simply cannot be done. BE WARY. BE INFORMED. AND THEN MAKE DECISIONS. Those who are in steadfast, so be it and good luck. Those who invest by knowing the facts, then being skeptical is smart here, I have sold all but a few shares to date. Good luck to all

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      • What on God's good green earth are you talking about? You sound like a methhead on Cops that got pulled over in his '79 Pinto and is babbling meth-talk faster than the cops can understand and the cameras can record. Seriously?

        "I have sold all but a few shares to date." Good. Sell the rest, and you can go have peace of mind somewhere besides our board. Most of us "are in steadfast" as you say, and thanks for the good wishes. Don't want to be rude, but now that you've been heard would you please GO AWAY/

        Thanks you!

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