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  • stack9777 stack9777 Aug 17, 2014 3:12 PM Flag

    TWEED = already licensed and.....


    If you bought it at just about anytime it's been public, you are under water. I'm just saying!! I have never owned it nor am I bash/pumping. Just pointing out we are waiting for the same license.

    Anything is possible here. Cover your six at all times. I still can't piece together the last 3 months with 100% certainty, nor am I certain what to expect on license news. I think first harvest will be the time we blast off or tank on a tweed like grow fail.... anything is possible. 6 figure scores don't come easy for the average investors. How big is your pain thresh hold? In other words, how much gamble to you have in you?

    Place your bets and buckle up, for sure it won't be easy. We will move soon, one way or the other. We may tank this week on earnings if we show no growth again. The hell mary, core bets are already placed with real investors. Why will new people jump in or longs add on no growth news? Lets see what happens.

    Buy, hold or sell. Good luck everyone. 165k long since January 6th ( all freebies) with 28k profit already booked. I sold 450k shares @ .0735 almost 3 months ago and only added 15k once at .0495 since.... It's been difficult but rewarding so far being this patient.

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    • Good post. Tweed will explode, but it won't be until after they are running at full speed which is not too far away. They have had a tough time meeting demand, but now as they ramp production to meet it, they have a chance at greatness.

      It is very possible that if HC approves FITX it will only be for 10% of plant capacity as they have done with other companies, it isn't feasible to start a grow at near 100% capacity anyway and demand is quite low which is the reason for the slow response from HC to the 1,300 + applications for license.

    • My observation is such that whenever i see a FLUFF TOUT PUMP on FB it is due to nothing going on... just like all those PUMP GROW PICS with no license. Go figure. UnBILLievable, in my humblest possible view.
      i trusted these guys and wanted to BILLieve and had a very, very rude awakening. It's been very painful.

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