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  • ndavenport_mba ndavenport_mba Aug 24, 2011 10:20 AM Flag


    Coco can't win in the enrollment game with its current paradigm in place

    1. With its bad reputation and high costs, it can not attract quality students. It gets junk students.

    2. Junk students produce junk results. Those results sully COCO's reputation further.

    3. The DOE and regulators look at the results and cry foul. And the results continue to make front page headlines further destroying the reputation.

    4. Repeat 1-3.

    This game will end. Either by Government funding cuts, regulatory intervention, or by consumers refusing to enroll, no company can continue to produce a junk product and stay in business.

    COCO Management is clueless and just trying to hang on a little longer until retirement. investors don't understand business, nor education. They buy the smoke and mirrors stories of a company in complete DISASTER MODE.

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    • jasminerodriguez1 Aug 24, 2011 2:45 PM Flag

      I absolutely agree. COCO's already poor brand equity is being further eroded by bad press. Management claims that they had to increase their tuition to comply with the 90/10 rule. So, now let's look at their strategy, extremely poor brand equity at premium prices. I don't see how they can survive.

    • Do the insiders, including management, believe their own rhetoric?

      Apparently not. They sold out heavily dumping the stock from $5+ to $2 all on inside information.

      Then after they've sold en masse, leaving the investors holding the bag and a 60%+ loss, they have the gall to tell investors that everything is fine. Business as usual.

      No way out..the tricks will be exposed. Management and its bad practices will be exposed. No way out....

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