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  • rothmanjim24 rothmanjim24 Jan 26, 2012 11:08 PM Flag

    I just bought COCO shares today - Thanks for the discount

    I am repeated this message from the Yahoo - COCO message board. I expect Corinthian Colleges stock to rapid rally with a stampede of COCO short sellers as they flee to cover their shorts short positions - When will this take place? -- just before the earnings report which is due on February 1st.
    This is the message that convinced me me to by COCO today!I'm another COCO short seller = I'm trapped with these COCO shorts 24-Jan-12 07:41 pm
    Feb. 1, 2012 is fast approaching and my broker tells me to cut my losses. Crap! Everybody was telling me that I couldn't lose by shorting Corinthian Colleges stock. Unfortunately, for all us shorties, yes, all 23 million of us COCO short sellers, maybe even more millions than that shorting COCO, every day COCO keeps going higher and by Friday COCO could be overv $5.00 per share, maybe even OVER $6.00 per share. Maybe even higher. And here we have a few dumbass COCO message board posters laughing at us COCO short sellers telling us to COOL IT, TO double down, saying we're a bunch of phonies. They ddon't see us bleeding money, bleeding on our losses. Just look at today -- COCO shares took off and headed straight up higher -- eleven cents per share higher at the close. And what happens tomorrow? Could COCO jump fifty cents higher? Could COCO jump a full dollar higher. I Remember, both my advisor and my broker told me today that whatever it costs to cover my shorts in the open market I'm going to Have to pay. When all of us shorts decide by this Friday or next Monday to cover before the COCO earnings report comes out, we could be looking at $10.00 or higher for one share of coco-- my broker said COCO could even hit $12 to $15 as everbody rushes to cover. I curse all those who talked me into selling short this COCO stock short, and I curse all you @#$% hecklers who tell us to cool it when we short sellers getting are all @#$%ed by our continuing holding our COCO short and yet to get worse loses.

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