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  • vw500kmiles vw500kmiles Feb 27, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    Evaluation of COCO

    After holding this stock for a long time expecting it to turn and change..... now at its lowest. If I were to sell it now, it will be like when I invested in WEN in the $5 range for 4 years and finally disappointed and sold at 10% profit..... and only regret to see it at $10 range now.

    Well so read it once more at the S&P Capital IQ report, it is quite positively surprise that I have forgotten their Tangible Book value $2.14 and positively cash flowed.....

    I was about to give up COCO..... maybe not. It always take longer time to turn a business. WEN & SONC were the bad lesson I did sold out too early after long wait. Value investing has to be patient somehow to have bigger gain.

    8% layoff is a welcoming news that maybe management changes direction, not to keep hoping to grow Rev, but to maintain the business to be profitable, and not to lose any more cash holding. They should not worry about student count, Rev, as such...... just focus on making money at this environment where not as much prospect students can afford to spend $50k without a job! Also Jack has to leave the company, he is a bit negative after working too hard and get no result.

    I will give COCO one more year....

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    • Thanks everyone for the replies.

    • All COCO investors should go listen to CECO CC. and then listen to COCO's ..... then you know why Jack said it will be improving coming quarter. Jack might be a bit shy because he missed many times now he is more conservative.

      Funny thing is, CECO's Scott has the tone as bad as Jack..... Why? We need high confidence kind of guy in this sector.... and counter sue the hell out of the Government body interfering our business (of course we have to operate within the law), but disturbance is different.

      I will hold on tight to see the light..... 1 year perhaps sooner.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • VW, CECO jumped almost 20% today despite the fact their QYOY loss widened, but they beat the consensus. What perplexed me is they had mid double digit negative new student enrollment, "New student enrollments for the Schaumburg, Ill. company declined 16 percent in the quarter." We know about the ESI lawsuit and that ESI is fighting back. CECO has the same legal issue as COCO does, graduation job placement, and they are also working to minimize that fallout. COCO is only prediction a high single % decrease in new student enrollment. Couple this with the RIF across the board, and what do we get from COCO at this point.?This is a no brainer. The next Q report will run the PPS. It may as well already started. IMO.

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      • lay off 8% will make it profitable, so it should go up.

      • About an year ago, I was looking at both CECO and COCO and was having hard time figuring out why CECO was trading at negative enterprise value.. COCO didn't sound anywhere near as good deal as at that time..
        Once Blum stopped selling, it came back at a reasonable valuation.
        Now at this point, COCO looks better compared to others in the sector.. I will add some more here.

      • Isn't Jack said in the conference call that it will be FLAT for next quarter, go listen again... Analyst even ask why and Jack did not say much good reason however it is flat.

        I am holding .....

        See, Jack is a bit negative kind of guy, I do not think he can see thru the wood. With all the troubles he is facing day to day, he will just get shares and sell it out right like a salary. He does not have a big vision to grow big and successful. I think insiders not buying for the same reason. If anyone close working with Jack, it will become Jack-2nd.... in fact Jack will hire people with conservative thinking. So all insiders are not buyers, it does not bother me too much.

        Sentiment: Hold

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