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  • timetime222 timetime222 Jun 19, 2014 11:00 AM Flag

    LongTimeFollower gets his PERMANENT CAPITAL LOSS


    Just like he should. I have stated numerous times that his gambling degeneracy, utter disregard for balance sheets, and total inability to ever see bad news for what it really is, would eventually ruin him and his leveraged portfolio. Well, today he blew 2 million of his account, so he can now sell some other things to meet his margin call. No big deal. He can't recover here. Of course, he is the type of guy that if this ever recovered to 60 cents he will claim to be even. He is NEVER wrong, you know.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, LongTime. Now go crawl back under your rock and stop leading gullible people to slaughter. Disappear, Loser. You got bailed out by the FEDS in 2009 with your leveraged gambles on #$%$ companies, but I am coming to get you this year, and TRUST ME, it will be LONG SUMMER for you if you don't sell everything now and regroup. You need to rethink your whole approach, JERK.

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