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  • joefish123456 joefish123456 May 16, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

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    • As always; this is a speculative company. Right now the risk reward ratio is tilted toward tremendous reward for little risk. A 'long shot' if you will. The last time ABPI was in this posture I trusted the management as they had/have a viable product. This time I'm more cynical and though I still believe BiovaxID will be effective in the treatment of IFNHL my rational for adding to my position is rooted in the investment group's self interest. They have not walked away from this company and continue to hold large positions in common shares.At 50K shares for less than $1000 if O'Donnell Osman and co. can find a way to generate enough interest to raise the pps above a dime that would generate a respectable return. The intriguing facet is that HCG has not settled for dimes with their other ventures.

      I added another 25K shares to my position today and will continue to buy weekly depending on my disposable income.


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      • Ten, thought you were more rationale than that. I can understand the feeling that it looks cheap and O'Donnell and friends stick with things, but they have $43M in debt with $18M of that in default, and their 55% of BVTI (80% of which is pledged against debt) will be worthless in less than 2 weeks. They are sitting waiting for the outcome of the Biovest auction. If no bidders, which is most likely given the time frame and an asset purchase structure, needing to bid over 54M. The debtors are standing down waiting for the outcome, but afterwards, with no assets?

        Sinunase and Cyrevia are worthless, so where do you see upside with $43M in debt and no assets? If O'Donnel wants to put some other technology in the co, he certainly will not do it for nothing and a massive dilutive event will have to occur, and he still has all that debt and no money. So, is it cheap?

      • Anyone who would invest in this scam after all the lies is a complete moron. Add to your position? You've got to be kidding?

      • Good to see you are still around and still a believer in BiovaxID, Mr. Dix

    • what a surprise. This bioturd als almost 0$. Soon you will have to pay your broker soon to get it removed from your account. Typical .... 99.99% of these US bioturds go to 0$. It is just a clever way for these men in white coats to make an easy buck. Guess tap water is still best for patients. Just look at the mansions these "doctors" live in and then you know where your money went (have a look with map google).

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      • charles7 May 17, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

        does anyone know if shareholders are considered class 9 equity holders?

      • charles7 May 17, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

        On March 7, 2013, we filed our Plan of Reorganization of Biovest International, Inc. under Chapter 11 of Title 11, of the Bankruptcy Code, dated as of March 6, 2013 (the "Initial Plan"). The Initial Plan was the product of negotiations between Biovest, the Independent Board Committee of our Board of Directors, and the Senior Secured Lenders, and resulted in what Biovest believed was fair and equitable treatment of Holders of Unsecured Claims and Holders of Equity Interests. In summary, the Initial Plan provided for treatment of Claims and Equity Interests as follows: (i) satisfaction of the Prepetition and Postpetition Claims of the Senior Secured Lenders by issuance of designated amounts of the Reorganized Biovest Common Stock constituting approximately ninety percent (90%) of the issued and outstanding shares of the Reorganized Biovest Common Stock, (ii) issuance of designated amounts of the Reorganized Biovest Common Stock to Holders of Allowed Unsecured Claims, and (iii) exchange of shares of Existing Biovest Common Stock with designated amounts of Reorganized Biovest Common Stock to the Holders of Allowed Equity Interests. On April 18, 2013, we filed our First Amended Plan of Reorganization (the "First Amended Plan") and (together with the Initial Plan, collectively the "2013 Plan") in the Bankruptcy Case with the support of our Senior Secured Lenders which, among other things, designates ninety percent (90%) of Reorganized Biovest common stock to the Senior Secured Lenders and ten percent (10%) of the Reorganized Biovest common stock to holders of allowed unsecured claims, and provides for the cancellation of existing Biovest common stock, with such holders not to receive any recovery under the 2013 Plan on account of such equity interests.

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