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  • theprincipal49 theprincipal49 Apr 19, 2008 10:06 PM Flag

    We need more Bird Flu news to try and pump it up

    Where are the guys who cut and paste Bird Flu news for us? Where the hell are they?

    In this hour of desparation, don't tell me they sold out? Come on, cut and paste more Bird Flu news. That should get newbies to buy this shi**** stock.

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    • The market factors impacting NVAX's poopy share price include, but are not limited to, the following:

      -No one really cares about scary bird flu
      -No one really believes in revamping seasonal vaccine administration
      -NVAX refuses to brand itself in any way
      -NVAX releases regurgitated PR statements and savvy investors have had enough of them

      The company's participation in 'trade shows' and conferences would be admirable if any positive branding results were achieved or new information released. Instead, though, officers speak in broken English and display the same, tired data in Powerpoint presentations. It appears as though Novavax is not taking its duties as a publicly-traded corporation very seriously.

      The Holy Foleys of the world will tell you over and over that NVAX has been 'reinvented' and a miraculous share price recovery has taken place since Singhvi took the reins. The price rebounded, sure, but isn't it headed right back to that place from whence it came? NVAX hovers just above its 104-week low today.

      We can sit around the campfire and chant "something needs to happen here," but haven't we been doing that for almost three years? Where is that special something? Where is the payoff?

      Fry it up and eat it with your eggs for breakfast, for NVAX is a pig.

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