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  • opti10mm opti10mm Nov 7, 2012 10:04 AM Flag

    More uncertainty ahead!

    The very people that put obama back in office will be the ones that end up suffering most, those is the larger cities. More unemployment and soaring inflation will be just two of the problems obama won't be able to solve. 4 more years equals a national debt of 22-24 trillion dollars. Obviously Rez and the other 50 million that put him back in office didn't spend much time studying economics 101. As for obama's election being good for nvax, it's not. Chances are better than ever now that the stock market is going to get a major hair cut over the next few months. I'm not buying anymore at these levels, too much uncertainty now. Best invesment now is farm/ranch land, gold, guns, can goods, heirloom seeds, and equipment to survive on. You think I'm wrong, leave your money in the bank and see what happens to it.

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    • Close the door on your bunker and shut up

    • Optimus, 49.999% of 50% that voted for obama don't even know who the secretary of
      state is.They don't know who the speaker of the house is and some cannot even name the VP.

      Most cannot spell economics..this country is so dumbed down they only know they voted
      for obama and his entitlements and have ZERO understanding where the money comes from.

      Cap and Trade is coming. HUGE power bills
      Immigration reform no doubt..the legalization of 25million illegals and their 100mm babies.
      massive military cuts,Boing,Lockheed,raytheon and GE are about to announce huge layoffs
      The coal industry is done
      The oil industry will be regulated out of business.
      heating Fuel prices will triple..from more regulation and fines.
      EPA will make sure the cost of electric will triple and cap and trade will ration

      UN treaty to limit guns will be passed making it almost impossible to get ammo
      And worse of all,gridlock and partisan fighting will continue..we all screwed.
      This is my last political post

    • opti.. try studying the economics of the Clinton administration.. followed by the devastating W administration. What is there that you don't get?

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      • Maybe you should take a closer look at the Clinton administration yourself Rez. Which president blocked any attempts to regulate the derivatives market? Clinton. What caused the world wide economic collapse? Derivatives.

        Clinton set us up for failure, and Bush guaranteed it, but what has obama done to turn it around? Nothing. Tell me how we're going to cope with a $22 trillion plus national debt? People like you that think there's no limit on the credit card are in for a rude awakening.

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