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  • surestockholmes surestockholmes Aug 16, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    I suspect

    There are going to be many more nuked out jeffs appear as chart is looking very constructive because the 2.75 area was re-tested so quickly, with such strong volume. Hopefully they will gap down monday and fill thursdays gap up. I hated they did that gap up. But ok I plan on adding to my position at the 2.50 - 2.51 gap area. The break thru 2.75 really was very constructive as IMO it says instys are adding, but a bit too quickly, so they had to rein her in today , we don't want an INO on our hands ( A Moon Launch That quickly Fell Back To Earth). Mark my words there is demand for this stock and there will be many games played as instys try to get your shares. I almost sold part of my position yesterday, but decieded not to as demand is too great. When new contract and payment milestones is released we pop. There should be very little overhead moving on up. IMO a close over 2.75 opens the door for a quick move to 3 where I suspect to see some consolidation between 2.75 ish and 3, an area in which I intend to do some quick flip trades. Then A move to 3.25 with consolidation again accompanied with some quick flips. The quick flips will only be so I can accumulate more and more shares with each flip of the coin. Then a move to 3.50 which will be the makings for the big breakout to 6, All Pending upon the news ... Look at Point and Finger Charts it is all right there to see.

    The nuked out jeff types and itiskies need not respond U R either clueless or working for a firm to get retail to sell, or perhaps trying to make your own short positions profitable, your agendas R obvious to me so go attack somewhere else. U will only waste electrons on me, the writting is in the charts and on the walls. Very little overhead resistance IMO.

    GLTA Longs

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