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  • i4c.more i4c.more Aug 27, 2013 7:36 PM Flag

    I may have to stop posting


    To access your Yahoo account, Yahoo is planning to demand that you supply your cell phone number. Then, Yahoo will send you a text message with a code to unlock your account. Without this code you will not be able to sign in. You will be locked out of your email, this message board, etc.

    Every few weeks this process will repeat to ensure that they have your latest cell number. Also, you will not be able to use Google numbers, Skype numbers, etc. It has to be your real cell number (they can tell the difference).

    If Yahoo went ahead with this, I will stop posting here. I will not give my cell number to Yahoo.

    By the way, Yahoo already implemented this requirement for new IDs. Soon it will be implemented for existing IDs.

    If I disappeared, you'll know why.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • This country is becoming more and more Orwellian. Seems that the sheep will simple follow their leaders.

    • mdplanet Aug 28, 2013 8:22 AM Flag

      There is no privacy on the internet anymore. These companies spy on you every minute you are signed on. They know the sites you visit, if you are planning a vacation, if you're shopping for shoes, buying a new car, chatting with friends and anything else they want. Google Maps can drive by your home and download your e-mails as has happened in Germany and other places, yet get slapped with a minuscule fine.

      The internet lobbyists go by the guise of ad preferences and want to keep the internet "free". They have deep pockets and are in bed with all the politicians on DC. The American culture has accepted this as OK being the general population has FB their home page on their PC's and now, cell phones, and click "I Accept" for everything.

      The American people have no say in politics or the law making processes anymore. The corporations run Washington. It seems since they are treated as "individuals" they have more rights than any single one of us individuals.

      Unfortunately, the majority of people are more worried about the obscene gestures of Miley Cyrus than any real news that affects their livelihoods. People complain about the 1% (as I have done in the past) but the reality is that 98% of the 99% don't have a clue.

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      • mdplanet Aug 28, 2013 8:37 AM Flag

        Has anybody gone to a Walgreen's lately? I had a prescription filled and it was necessary to give them my phone number, innocent enough I thought. The next week I went to purchase some other needs and was asked if I had my "membership card". I told them I didn't but when I accidentally gave them my phone number instead of my girlfriend's, they knew exactly who I was and everything about me. Just what I want, a unknown clerk knowing my personal information It's disgusting we can't even go to the grocery or drug stores anymore.

    • my cell has a layer of dust...but, the requirement doesn't sound would Yahoo know you even use the number?

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      • Giving them your cell phone number you are giving them a lot more information than you realize, they are competing with Google, they want to know where you are searching so they can sell that information to relative businesses. You will then be bombarded with unwanted calls. Along with all your other relatives they will now be a member of the family.......and know more personal information about you than your closest relative. Your # identifies who you are whether you use the phone or not, now they will know who exactly is doing the searching through their search engine. Latest news is that Yahoo is starting to top Google in search. And Google is entirely about wanting to know where your eyes are, and selling that information.

    • There are other message boards ....investors hub IHUB, google finance message boards. Yahoo messageboards since all the format changes really suck now anyhow. The ridiculous censoring here now is beyond childish. I mean there are people constantly verbally attacking on these boards, saying the most vulgar things about people's mothers, wives, sisters, name it. On Investors hub, you are only allowed one name and one name only. And absolutely no attacking each other. I mean I've had posts blocked here for saying the word (c)rap, yet the filthiest junk imaginable gets through because the jerks mispell some of the cussing to get through. People are cloning other peoples names and attacking with the cloned names, these boards really are close to worthless now for exchanging valuable information about stocks. A whole lot of crackpots abound on them now. It is NOT allowed on other boards. I don't have a cell phone either, have no use for it, I bike ride a lot and go through nature paths and stuff and see all these people out there in beautiful weather walking along......texting ? Ridiculous . There's another message board world besides Yahoo. The only thing better here is to look up news and stuff about stocks. You can do that without a need for these boards.

    • Marissa can call me any time.

    • Wonder if Yahoo will recognize my international phone number...dirtbags

    • That makes two of us ... guess we are the only two people in the world that does not have a cell phone. Do not have one, do not want one and do not plan to BUY ONE! Surely, Yahoo does not think everyone in the world wants to be connected to everyone else in the world!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wow what's the reason for this horror, working with the NSA?

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