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  • eastend152 eastend152 Jan 6, 2003 12:56 PM Flag

    MLP dividends

    Can someone clarify dividend yield on KMP and other master limited partnerships? EEP? PPX? TPP?

    Are they appropriate assets in fully taxable investment accounts for high income investors?

    Thanks soooooo much.

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    • I think Mr. Big was trying his hand at satire. His 'Modest Proposal' was/is not serious. IMHO

      I found it interesting however, that Bill Gates Sr. thinks an inheritance tax is a good idea; he says those who have prospered so much from our capitalist society should give some back.

      I think Buffet may feel the same way, if I'm not mistaken.

    • Sorry for the typos e.g I did NOT steal. The message 5064 kind of pissed me off and I should have more caefully reviewed my spelling. Sorry again for being off topic.

    • "I propose that whenever someone dies, their estate goes to the state, to provide tax relief for working people regardless of their income level"

      I strongly object to your reasoning. I've paid taxes on what I've earned which has included supporting programs that help people back to work and beocme productive memembers of society. However, the money I have accumulated is mine to pass on to my children - or whomever I choose. I earned it, paid taxes on it and should be able to do what i want with it. If people want incentive and opportunity let them work - anywhere - I started with nothing - counting coins to go to work. Opportunity is unlimited for those who want to work but for me to trun over my estate (which I will be txed on) to the governmnet is NONSENSE. I did steal, take advantage of anyone - I worked hard and it's my choide to do what I want with my estate. I choose to pass along my estate to my children aferthey're educated so they mat create opportunty by building businesess which employ poeple and provide opportunity.

      I found your post distateteful and disrepectful of peoples right to choose what to with their estates. I made and nobody helped me. The US is the land of opporutnity please don't expect to feed off the those who have worked hard so they may pass something along to their offspring.

      Sorry for being off topic. You're entitiled to your opinion but the law (will of the poeple) do not support it.

      Capital provides jobs and opportunity you want to think about hat a little more before playing Robin Hood.

    • There's probably a chat room or a message board somewhere for people to go to discuss politics. Let's try to focus on KMP.

    • The Democrats have even begun talking about tax cuts (Heaven forbid).

      If Gore had done more of that kind of talk and not had the Clinton legacy to deal with, he might have won.

      Instead, as usual, the Dem's go that old route of frightening old people and buying votes with other peoples money. People are starting to get wise.

    • Well, the election was a failure for the Democratic party. Why is it that Bush did achieved something that no other sitting President in almost half a DECADE has been able to achieve? His party won both the House and the Senate. The Senate race was a huge failure for the Dems and everyone knows it. If you would like to discuss "near upsets" how about Daschle, the party leader? I thought he was the Dems man for President? Why not? Because as the party leader he damn near got trounced as well. If things are okay on that side of the isle it should be easy to point out exactly who is in charge. So, who is it? Who's the next great hope for the Dems at this point? There isn't one - the party is scrambling to set the compass to due North again - complete disarray. Maybe Larry Hall needs a job!!

      Beyond that, I am certainly not the one who is busy defending Wendy Graham. What went on there is very disturbing...she deserves more than whatever she gets.

    • I remembered reading and hearing somewhere that NYT was doing pretty well. I just did some DD and come to that very same conclusion.

      Despite many stupid and embarassing mis-steps, no coherent national agenda, a popular President wrapped up in the flag, and the dubious Clinton legacy still hanging in the air the Dems came pretty close to hanging even and even pulled out some minor upsets, like the Arizona Governor. Other than the inductive argument (the party out of power historically gains seats) how can *you* characterize it as a "complete failure"?

      I dunno why Carvill had a garbage can on his head election night, but I'll bet it was Democrats who put it there.

      ... "if that executive happens to own a bunch of stock...." Well, yeah, if the Board of Directors just happens to have given her some.... That never happens.... I know for sure, though, that no Board has ever just given me "as an owner" some stock. BTW the way I read the proposal you don't even need to get a dividend to feast on the corporate pie.

      Oh, well, happy weekend.

    • Well of course most executives would like to have their comp paid in the form of tax free dividends versus taxable cash if given the choice. However, if that executive happens to own a bunch of stock and the dividend is raised then, you as an owner, will benefit as well. Nice to know you are using examples about which you don't know the facts. So, when you are saying "the NYT Corp. is doing just fine" exactly how are you coming to that determination.

      Please explain the Democrat's performance in this last election? To characterize it as anything other than a complete failure is ludicrous. Why did Jim Carvill have the garbage can on his head election night? Even he knows it, but apparently you know more about the failed strategy of the dems than he does??

    • iinvestoo, you seem to have hit the nail on the head. Saturday Night Live had one of the best programs on when AL Gore was hosting. They made fun of the Democratic Party always pandering to the Republican's views since the Republicans hold the power. They had one scene where the Republicans would say "we are in favor of .."such and such and the Democrat spokeperson would follow with "as are the Democrats" Then without notice the Repuclicans would say something like we are all for murdering all the cats in America and w/o even thinking the Demo, spokesperson would respond, "the Democratic Party has held that same view for many years now" was a riot.

    • "but I resent the ignorance, arrogance and self-serving nature of so called "objectivists" who have no idea what life is like in the lower strata of society..."

      Wow. That sure is the pot calling the kettle black. Some guy, sitting there in New Hampshire, not knowing anything whatsoever about me, accusing *me* of ignorance and arrogance. How dare you assume I know nothing about what life is like in the lower strata of society?!?

      When my wife was young, her neighbor helped feed her because her family didn't have enough food. Six of her brothers and sisters died as children from inadequate housing, sanitation, and medical care. I've bought land for her family, and spent many weeks designing and helping build a house for them with my own hands up in the poor northern part of Thailand. I could go on and on, but the point is made.

      "and yet fancy themselves as carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. They could all drop dead and the world wouldn't even notice."

      I assure you, if my contributions to technology were to suddenly disappear, you most certainly would notice. But I certainly won't be making any more such contributions after learning the hard way that the US is full of people like you. Resentment of hard work and accomplishment is an ugly thing.

      Take your half-educated, liberal opinions and shove 'em up your ass.

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