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  • bc_ffootball bc_ffootball Apr 21, 2005 1:07 AM Flag

    Jumped on KMP Train


    Just jumped aboard the KMP train and glad that I did. After weeks or research, I felt KMP was a solid company to have as a long term holding.

    Looking back at the dividend growth of KMP, I was wondering who could boast about their ROI at today's yield, anyone care to brag? Haha...

    Looking back at charney's posts (charney, good work), charney said KMP dividend is growing at a rate 8.8%. If KMP can keep up this growth, what are the ROI we could expect in future yields?


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    • Forgot one aspect of "insider" ownership. It's called backdoor or secondary trading.
      Shares/units are bought in the accounts of spouses,children, grandchildren, and sometimes inlaws.
      Accounts that are held as Joint Tenants. Using the other social-security# to hide the idenity of the real owners. This is more common than most people relise...

    • Re to:rschick
      "I saw a study that said the average american does more research on buying an automobile than their stock purchases."

      Of course, and if you want to see a group that does their DD and knows the odds, watch horse race betters. I do not bet ponies or play the lottery as I know the odds. You lose. If the horse betters studied the market like they did those racing forms, they could be wealthy. IMHO

      I am a student of possibility and probability. (odds making) Studied it in college.

      Odds strongly favor MLP's that are 5 years or older. KMP and PAA are on top of that list.

      Speaking of odds, if you got into the market: S&P500 on Oct 26 every year in the last 10, you would have gained average of 4.2% per year in the following 8 trading days. Also would have made at least 1% in the worst year of the 10. Coincidence? possible but not probable. I bet on that the last 2 years.

      On average of the last 10 years, the market has lost value in July, Aug, and Sept. Supported by 75 years of history. Turning point average is July 5 based on last 10 years, but July 15 based on 75 years. Last year was July 1. I bet on that one also.

      Guess I am among the few doing homework.

      And based on history, best time to buy MLP's: just after the date of record for distributions, and when the price/distribution falls below 60. But that is just data. Not an opinion.

      Happy investing.


    • Be careful about buying anything ! I saw a study that said the average american does more research on buying an automobile than their stock purchases. As part of your Due Diligence, look at the Board of Directors. How much of their personal wealth (and they've all got a lot) is involved in the company. Insider trading is a good investment tool.

    • Re to:zelmo
      "The General Partners of MLPs usually have a lot more skin in the game than the average director"

      Agree, and how much skin does Rich Kinder have in the game?

      And speaking of Enron BOD, they are paying out of their personal wealth for their part. Heard they settled out of court. Maybe that is a wakeup call for unethical boards.


    • Our friend "Chartny" likes APL, under $45.00. AT Fidelity there is a purchase bid of $44.95.
      Does Chartny affect the market ? I believe he does !!!

    • How much control do you as an ower have of General Electric?

    • Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar !

      All for the cash cows, stand up and holler !

      Cash Cows ! Cash Cows ! Cash Cows !

    • Re to: keel
      "Yes I certainly agree that KMP beats SPH hands down, which is one reason why I own KMP."

      Just for the record.
      YTD returns.
      BPL 15.5%
      PAA 15.6%
      KMP 13.7%
      TPP 14.1%

      And of course
      NASDAQ -9.4%
      S&P500 -3.3%

      All from Jan 3-05 to today.

      Counting distributions.

      Soooo, how about it for the cash cows?


    • Yes I certainly agree that KMP beats SPH hands down, which is one reason why I own KMP. But I've been well-rewarded, in the past, by putting just a few eggs in the SPH basket. The units present periodic trading opportunities, as well as that 7.4% yield.

    • great help -richard young made me good money with xom hdi and joe - he likes this alot i bought in is this paying a good dividend - yes - than stay long

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