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  • saiani saiani Jan 5, 2011 4:06 PM Flag

    Anyone hold this in a IRA?

    Why would you do anything if you sold it in an IRA?

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    • The only reason an MLP investor holding in an IRA has to file is if the total UBTI in the account that year exceeds $1k. And the UBTI form is filed by the brokerage, and NOT by the individual investor. Other than that, you never file anything, and can just toss the K-1s in the drawer. There is nothing to file when you sell inside the IRA.

      Given that KMP has not declared any UBTI for at least a decade, it isn't likely you will hit the $1k tripwire with KMP.

      All that said, KMR (the i-share near twin sister of KMP) was designed for IRAs and similar accounts (like mutual funds). KMR can never generate UBTI. By paying a dividend directly in the form of new shares, you are automatically reinvesting anyway...which you would likely be doing in an IRA anyway.

      I own KMR in an IRA, but also other MLPs. I keep an eye on my total isn't hard to keep under the $1k level, but KMR makes it that much easier.

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